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TRON CEO Announces Sun Network — Massive TRON Expansion is Almost Here

TRON CEO Announces Sun Network — Massive TRON Expansion is Almost Here

According to a recent announcement posted by Justin Sun, the founder of TRON (TRX) cryptocurrency, the TRON network is about to receive a massive expansion called Sun Network.

Sun Network, as Sun stated, will bring dApp sidechains, cross-chain infrastructures, it will expand the network’s capacity, and even improve the number of transactions per second (TPS). Finally, it will also significantly improve the execution efficiency of TRON’s smart contracts.

What is Sun Network?

TRON is known for quick development and expansion. The entire network is less than a year old, and it already became one of the leading platforms for dApp creation and usage, breaking multiple records previously set by Ethereum. This will only continue with the addition of newly-announced Sun Network.

The TRON Foundation explained the Sun Network in their new Medium post, explaining that the plan includes a number of expansion projects, including the already mentioned dApp sidechains, as well as cross-chain infrastructure, and more. However, it will mainly serve as the sidechain expansion project, which is set to increase the dApp capacity, and adopt customizable ways to run dApps with very low energy consumption. Meanwhile, efficiency and security of dApps and the network itself would not suffer.

The Medium post announced three prases of DappChain, with the first one being the TestNet, which is scheduled to go live on May 30th. This will be the phase that will focus on supporting sidechain smart contracts and realize the unlimited expansion of the MainNet under the guarantee of asset security.

The second phase will be the official launch, which is scheduled to happen on August 10th. This will be the phase that will further enhance certain characteristics, such as security and decentralization. It will impact the entire TRON ecosystem, and support the community to carry out the sidechain ecological construction.

Finally, the third and final phase will be Optimization, where the toolset will be perfected, and the ease of use improved. Further, it will also facilitate easy deployment, as well as rapid integration of sidechains, by making use of the foundations set by the first two phases. This phase is expected to arrive around September 15th.

Meanwhile, the Sun Network will also follow the development of the crypto and blockchain industries, and help with further development of the TRON ecosystem.

The Sun Network has already seen quite a lot of support from the TRON community, which remains excited about TRON’s numerous projects. Additionally, there were many who predicted that 2019 would be the year of the blockchain, which is seemingly starting to come to the realization, with this and other similar projects.

TRX price on the rise

Meanwhile, TRX itself is performing much better than it was in the past eight months. The coin’s price is currently seeing heights that were last noticed back in August, although back then, the price was on a massive decline. This time, however, it is surging, and while it is currently experiencing a mild correction, TRX price continues to grow at a steady pace.

At the time of writing, TRX value sits at $0.028337, while its market cap is only $10 million short of hitting the $2 billion mark. Additionally, TRON’s dApps continue to bring high amounts of volume to TRON ecosystem, with its trading volume exceeding $504 million in the last 24 hours.

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