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Review: Cast Away Studios Free Ethereum & Litecoin Spinners for Android


Imagine if you could get free cryptocurrency just for pushing a button. Sounds too good to be true, right? But that’s exactly the promise Cast Away Studio is making with its Free Ethereum Spinner and Free Litecoin Spinner apps.

With more than 100,000 downloads of each app through the Google Play Store and a 4.6 rating, it seems that maybe the promise of free Ethereum and Litecoin might be worth investigating.


The golden rule with anything like this is “if it’s free, then you’re the product.” Cast Away Studios make no secret of this, warning as soon as you open the app that you’re going to be bombarded with a ton of ads.

The app asks for no permissions, but you are required to enter a gmail address which is associated with a Coinbase wallet. This is actually necessary, as your Ethereum or Litecoin rewards are paid to this Coinbase wallet. It also seems a pretty good bet that the email address you provide will be added to some kind of crypto-related marketing lists.

So Do You Actually Get Free Crypto?

As soon as I entered my gmail address into the Ethereum Spinner app, I received an email from Coinbase confirming receipt of 10,000 Gwei (0.001 ETH). So far, so good.

The app’s interface shows a power bar with a max voltage of 50,000. You can choose to use 3,000 or 5,000 energy points per spin. Winning spins made with the higher energy level return more Gwei. The energy bar slowly refills over time, and you automatically gain 50,000 volts per day.

As you hit the spin button, you’ll land on bonus energy points more often than Gwei, giving you a couple of extra spins. You can also top up you energy by watching videos or performing tasks – however, when I hit the ‘Perform Tasks’ button, nothing happened.

After burning through my power bar, I’d received 22,790 Gwei. On top of the sign-up bonus, this gave me a grand total of 0.00003279 ETH – roughly equivalent to three-quarters of a US cent. So if you rely on your daily free spins and don’t watch any videos, you can expect a return of about $2.74 per year.

RATING – 2/5 ★★☆☆☆

Cast Away Studios’ Free Ethereum and Litecoin Spinners are basically paying you to view ads. Whether grinding a few minutes each day for a cup of coffee per annum is worth your time is something you’ll have to decide for yourself.

About Christopher Williams

Christopher Williams is a British writer based in South Korea with a strong interest in emerging technologies, cryptocurrency, and the development of decentralized apps.

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet