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Elastos on track for placing its Carrier Service in 1 million homes


Through its partnership with Shanghai Shijiu Corporation, Elastos has reported 230,000 TV boxes have been sold to consumers that are equipped with the Elastos Carrier Service. Elastos is reportedly well on track to reaching its goal of placing 1 million nodes in consumer’s homes.

The Elastos Carrier Service allows users to interact with their television sets using a smartphone app that transmits data peer-to-peer (P2P) via Elastos’ decentralized network. At the moment, this simply allows users to utilize their smartphones as a P2P remote control for their television set. But by getting their Carrier Service into consumers’ homes, Elastos is laying the groundwork for infrastructure that will allow consumers to access a much broader range of decentralized applications. Reddit user Talhaidris7 has broken down the exact functionality of current Elastos integration with these TV boxes and their potential for laying the groundwork for future widespread adoption.

Shijiu TV CTO Yunloung Zhou has been quoted by ELA News as saying that the decentralized Elastos Carrier Service offers huge cost advantages over relaying data through a centralized server. While the current level of functionality isn’t world-changing, it’s a hugely important step toward laying the groundwork for mass adoption of decentralized applications.

Elastos CEO Rong Chen explained in an interview with Crypto Briefing that these TV boxes will eventually act as a gateway to decentralized P2P interactions between users. The decentralized network will provide users with cloud storage through which digital items can easily and securely be shared with family and friends. Each user will have a unique identifier, similar to a Bitcoin public key, which others can use to interact with them. Value transactions and user identification will be conducted on the mined Elastos blockchain, while activities such as transferring files and making video calls will be conducted on a P2P network layer similar to BitTorrent. This will allow users to keep their sensitive data secure and free from outside view.

Elastos’ announcement of currently shipped boxes has caused considerable excitement among the project’s followers, but those looking to purchase their own TV box are likely to be disappointed unless they’re living in China. Elastos team member Fay Li explained on Twitter that Elastos Carrier-equipped TV boxes are available through Chinese online retailer Taobao.com, with the caveat that this only applies to the very latest models, and many on-sale through Taobao may not yet feature the Elastos Carrier. Tabao is the world’s largest e-commerce site and one of the ten most visited websites in the world, with 634 million active monthly users, but its service is firmly aimed at the Chinese market.

There have yet to be any announcements regarding the availability of the Elastos Carrier service on devices sold outside of China, but Shijiu TV’s previous links to major international manufacturers including Korean firms Samsung and LG is a cause for optimism. And with so many crypto projects having traded so long on nothing but future potential, it’s definitely hugely encouraging to see a project lay firm groundwork for real widespread adoption.

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