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Binance’s CEO Annoyed by Craig Wright, Threatens to Delist His Coin


Craig Wright is one pretty well-known name in the crypto industry, but also one of the most controversial ones. One of the biggest issues that the rest of the crypto world has with him is his claims that he is behind the name Satoshi Nakamoto — the mysterious figure that created Bitcoin.

The majority of the crypto community does not believe this, as Wright failed to present proof that he is who he claims he is. However, this did not stop him from continuously repeating the game, which finally started attracting the attention of other big names in the industry. In this particular case, it appears that Craig Wright’s behavior managed to cause a strong reaction from Binance’s CEO, Changpeng Zhao, also known as CZ.

After losing his patience and threatening to delist Wright’s coin unless he stops making his false claim, Zhao was supported by the crypto community on both, Twitter and Reddit alike. Delisting Wright’s coin would be a big blow, as Binance remains one of the busiest crypto exchanges in the world, with millions of daily traders and massive trading volumes.

When warned that Wright might sue him for defamation, Zhao stated that it would not be the first time. He also added that he and his company learned a few things in the meantime. He also stated that Binance’s lawyers are very good and very expensive, while their fees will be paid by the loser. In other words, CZ does not appear to be worried, and judging by the community’s reaction, he does not have to be.

While many believed that Wright is Nakamoto when he first started making the claims, he failed to provide definitive proof and lost the trust of the community.

How to prove that you are Satoshi Nakamoto?

Back in early 2009, when Bitcoin was just launched as a new thing and completely valueless, its first coins were mined by the real Satoshi. That much is known, and that much is certain. These coins are still stored in a wallet where Satoshi himself put them in, and they were not moved in the last decade.

The coins are also constantly monitored by those intrigued by the Satoshi mistery, meaning that any movement would be immediately noticed. So, all that anyone looking to prove that they are Satoshi needs to do is move these early Bitcoins. Despite all Wright’s claims, he was unable to do this, and so his claims remain worthless these days.

Add the fact that Wright already lost his influence and popularity thanks to the BCH/BSV scandal, and it is easy to understand why people are beginning to lose patience with him.

BCH/BSV scandal

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) came to be when Bitcoin developers attempted to come up with solutions for the coin’s scalability. The community split in two, with one side wanting to use the Lightning Network, while the other wanted to increase the block size. Since it became obvious that the two groups will not come to an agreement, they split off, and Bitcoin Cash forked away from Bitcoin.

Craig Wright was in the BCH community at the time, but in 2018, Bitcoin Cash was supposed to receive an upgrade that Wright did not agree with. The upgrade, which came on November 15th, 2018, gave Wright the chance to fork the chain again and create a new coin — Bitcoin SV (BSV). It also caused the second market crash in 2018 due to the hash wars that lasted for over a week after the upgrade.

From all of this, it can be deduced that Wright does not work well with others, especially if they have a different opinion from him. Once again, this hardly makes it surprising that Zhao would call him out on Twitter. And, if it turns out that CZ’s ‘intervention’ had no effect, there is still a threat of delisting BSV, which is not something that the coin will take lightly. In fact, if Zhao goes through with the move, that might very well be the death penalty for BSV.

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