Volkswagen e-Golf Sales in the U.S. Nearly Came to a Standstill in Q2 2021

  • VW has revealed grim U.S. sales figures for its e-Golf EV in Q2 of this year just as the company decided to discontinue the vehicle in the region.
  • However, the e-Golf remains very popular in European markets thanks to its pricing.
  • Volkswagen is planning to bring the ID.4 electric crossover to the U.S. sometime during 2022 while the company skipped the U.S. launch of the ID.3.

It’s no secret that the coronavirus pandemic put a temporary halt on most businesses, including the auto industry. However, things may not have been as bad among automakers as it was for Volkswagen which saw its EV sales in the U.S. almost coming to a halt in Q2 2020.

This is in part due to the poor sales of the refreshed VW e-Golf that was launched earlier this year. It’s worth noting that the 2020 VW e-Golf was quietly discontinued for the U.S. markets in March this year when the company mentioned that it was diverting most of its orders to Canada and other markets.

While the e-Golf continues to remain immensely popular in global markets including Europe, it’s clear that there’s simply not enough for the American customers, or that American customers have better alternatives to consider in the EV segment.

Volkswagen e-Golf

The numbers published by Volkswagen reveal that the company sold around 485 units of the e-Golf in 2023 and only 124 units in Q2 2020, which is a 88% decrease year-over-year. Though Volkswagen’s ID.3 is immensely popular in European markets, the company has decided not to launch the EV in the U.S.

Instead, the company is slated to bring the ID.4 crossover to the U.S. sometime by 2022. We recently got a good glimpse of the vehicle thanks to an elaborate leak, though there’s still some waiting left to do before seeing it Stateside.

Meanwhile, one of the most talked-about crossover EVs in the U.S. right now is the Tesla Model Y. The company is said to be expediting the assembly of the Model Y so as to meet demand. However, the urgency may have compromised on the quality as one customer found out recently.

Via: InsideEVs