Tesla Discounts Model Y LR AWD Versions, Cancels the Sub-$40,000 Standard Range Model Y

  • Tesla CEO Elon Musk has confirmed via Twitter that the Model Y Standard Range variant has been canceled due to mileage concerns.
  • The Model Y Standard Range version was originally listed on the company’s online configurator in early 2019 with a Spring 2021 release timeframe, though the variant disappeared from the site recently.
  • Musk subsequently mentioned that the Long Range single-motor RWD model will be available for purchase in a few months, though he didn’t provide specific details on that front.

After Tesla removed the Model Y Standard Range RWD from its online configurator, speculation was rife that the model has been axed. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has now confirmed this on Twitter in response to a user query on the matter.

The Standard Range RWD model was reported to be priced at under $40,000, making it an extremely attractive proposition for the mid-range EV market. However, Musk explained in his tweet that the model was canceled due to its relatively low EPA range of under 250 miles.

Tesla Model Y

This was expected to be the cheapest Model Y available on Tesla’s roster following top-tier models like the Long Range AWD Performance, the Long Range AWD, and the Long Range RWD. Currently, Tesla’s online design configurator only has the Model Y in Long Range AWD and Long Range AWD Performance versions with both cars featuring “premium interiors and sound”.

Musk also mentioned in a subsequent tweet that prices for the Model Y Long Range dual-motor models have been reduced while also mentioning that the Long Range single-motor RWD version of the Model Y will be available soon and would improve “affordability”, thus making this a viable replacement for the sub-$40,000 Model Y that was originally promised.

As for the pricing of the upcoming Long Range single-motor RWD model, Tesla’s pattern suggests that this model will cost $4,000 less than the variant just above this. So with this in mind, one can surmise that the Model Y LR RWD should cost somewhere around $45,990, not including taxes.

This would certainly make a good addition to the Model Y lineup which currently offers only high-end versions in the U.S.

Source: Twitter

Via: InsideEVs