Leaked Internal Volkswagen Document Shows Similarities Between the ID.4 and Tesla Model Y

  • A leaked internal document that compares the VW ID.4 and the Tesla Model Y has just been leaked via Reddit, revealing some similarities.
  • The document suggests that the ID.4 manages to provide 2.3 inches of additional internal space as compared to the Model Y despite being around 6 inches shorter.
  • The Volkswagen ID.4 is an electric crossover and will be available in North America and Europe by the end of 2020, though some minor delays are expected.

Though Volkswagen has previously made it clear that its upcoming ID.4 EV will not be based on the Tesla Model Y, leaked internal documents suggest otherwise. This internal document compares the ID.4 with the Model Y to give us a scope of the similarities between the two EVs. The comparisons were first posted on Reddit by u/fxckingrich.

We can tell from these images that the Volkswagen ID.4 is only slightly different from the Model Y in terms of form factor. Additionally, the documents reveal that the ID.4 is around 6.6 inches shorter yet has an additional 2.3 inches of interior space as compared to the Model Y.

Model Y - ID.4

Volkswagen had previously delayed deliveries of the ID.3 in Europe owing to a software issue, so it’s safe to assume that a lot of work has gone into VW OS since then. The company rates the new VW OS highly, even putting it higher than Tesla’s popular in-car operating system.

The document also has other details as well as supposed advantages that the ID.4 has over the Model Y. Notably, the ID.4 is shown to have a price advantage of €10,000 over the Tesla crossover.

Model Y - ID.4 -1

The ID.4 is expected to make its way to the U.S. and Europe by the end of the year. The Model Y is currently available in North America, China, and parts of Europe with wider availability expected at a later date. Volkswagen skipped the release of its ID.3 EV in the U.S. and plans to make a big comeback to the crowded EV market with the ID.4 this year.

Tesla and Volkswagen are long believed to be working on something, though both companies have repeatedly denied such claims. Recently, Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess met with his Tesla counterpart Elon Musk, wherein Musk was seen taking the VW ID.4 for a spin. Later, Diess had to clarify that there was no deal in the making between the two companies.

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Source: Reddit

Via: Auto Evolution