Amazon Basics Ev Charger Review: Best Level 2 Home Charging Station

The Electric Vehicle (EV) Level 2 Charging Station is the flagship electric vehicle charger of Amazon. The charging station was developed by the e-commerce company as a means of entering into the fast growing and booming electric vehicle market. This level 2 charging station review hopes to explain and describe some of the most interesting features of the AmazonBasics electric vehicle EV as an electric vehicle charger.

Amazon BasicsAmazonBasics Electric Vehicle (EV) Level 2 Charging Station, 32 Amp - 25 feetCheck Price on Amazon

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The Amazon basics charging station review

The Amazonbasics EV charging station was specially designed for those people who often travel through long distances to get to work. This electric vehicle EV level 2 charger will cater to those people who like to charge their EVs while they are at home. One thing about this car hardwired charging station is the fact that it comes with all the right properties to be able to withstand a wide range of extreme weather conditions. This makes you to get the best versatility when you are looking to install the car device. With EV vehicles, no need for going to the gas station. You get station charges at a good price plus other benefits.

People who own the Amazonbasics will fall in love with the simple and slender style of the charging station. We also love the manner in which the handle of the connector was built. It gave it a secure grip. There is a lengthy 25 foot cable that makes it possible for you to charge up your EV without necessarily looking for a charging station to park next to it. This level 2 charging station for electric vehicles comes with indicator lights to help users know about the charging status of this EV level 2 charging station.

This Amazon basics electric vehicle charger comes with all you will need to mount this station to the wall. This level 2 charger also comes with the power cord wrap hook to help improve cable management.

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Do you install indoors or outdoors?

The AmazonBasics electric vehicle EV level 2 charger is a residential charging station which comes with the right properties to be installed right inside the garage or outside the home. One thing about this 32 amp charging station is that you will need to hardwire it. This way it is protected against theft in the environment. Then again, this hardwired Amazonbasics electric vehicle port increases the value of your home by a few thousand dollars or pounds. Who would not like the full addition of a level 2 EV charger in the home? If you sell your home with this permanent EV station, you are bound to make some profit off it. This is good for your charging option with the unit.

The NEMA 6-50 Plug

The Amazonbasics electric vehicle charger is an EV level 2 charging station that is bound to come with a NEMA 6 50 plug just like the Juicebox 40 and the ChargePoint. This NEMA 6 50 plug has been perfectly engineered to operate on the dedicated 50A circuit. If you install this 6 50 plug, you will be able to realize its benefits. Like the Juicebox 40, this 6 50 plug needs a fewer amount of wires than every other option. Furthermore, the cable is known to come with such a smaller diameter. The fewer wires and the smaller diameter are some of the two primary qualities that make it simple to hardwire this charging station to your home.

The Fast Charging Rate of the Amazonbasics electric vehicle

For the Amazonbasics electric vehicle charger, the charging speed increases with the level. You get more fast charging speeds with this charger as you tend to go up in level. If you compare this 240 volt level 2 charger to the charging rate of the level 1 charger, it tends to charge at a faster rate. On the average, this Amazonbasics electric vehicle EV charger comes with a charging rate that supplies power at 25 miles of range per hour (RPH) charging speed. When you compare the 25 miles of range per hour of charging of this EV level 2 charging station to the level 1 stations, it is known to be able to charge six times faster than the level 1 EV charging stations. Then this level 2 charging station is equipped with a small charging indicator light bar. This is used by the owner of the station to track power level as well as the status of charging.

Strong and powerful external enclosure case

This is one of the EV chargers which comes with the highest durability in terms of sturdy and robust case and enclosure. This unit comes with a PC material which is designed to resist impact and abrasion as it has been built with the use of polycarbonate plastic to guarantee strength. The housing of this EV station is sure to resist ant impact, heat, as well as a wide range of weather elements.

This unit is given the NEMA 4 rating by the National Electrical Manufacturer Association. This roughly means that it will not be damaged with the formation of water sprays, snow, ice formation, and dust. The device is also known to come with the highest impact protection rating for any EV charger. This denoted as IK10 – and it means that your Amazonbasics charger will be able to survive any impact force of about 20 joules.

Designed to save space

Regardless of the location in which you decide to install this EV station, there will not be any need for you to hide the ugly and cumbersome box which undermines the value of the aesthetics of the device. The unit is a minimally built device which offers a scarce depth of about 3.2 inches. It offers dimensions of about 7.6 depth by 11.2 cable width in inches. The company offers the device an Amazing white color which is used to give this electric vehicle charger the modern and neutral look which any homeowner will fall in love with.

An ergonomically-built connector

When properly examined, lots of EV stations are lacking in terms of the connector and cable of the devices. But the thing about the AmazonBasics level 2 EV charger is that you do not need to park the car a certain way to for you to get to the cable. This is able to span a length of about 25 feet. This means that the cable length will not affect the location that you park and charge your vehicle.

We also love the fact that this connector is a user-friendly option. It comes with an angled shape that helps you to ease up the strain on the wrist if it gets plug into the car. It also comes with a texturized finish that stops it from sliding out of the grasp of the palm. We also love the fact that this connector is capped off and can be used to stop dust from getting to the internal pvrts of the device. Since we have a cap that is connected to the connector, this means that you will not be losing the cap despite when the connector is in use.

You also get wall mounts with the AmazonBasics charger

This AmazonBasics comes its wall outlet mounts included meaning that you are saved from rifling around with your toolbox or needing to ever run to a hardware store. There not be any for this as Amazon provide all the needed parts that is needed to mount the power outlet of this EV station for cars. It also allows you to connect this holster to any wall. Furthermore, this level 2 charger is equipped with its hook which allows you to wrap the cable neatly in the same way that you would do the garden hose.

The device is efficient, reliable, and simple

This AmazonBasics electric vehicle EV charger is a minimally designed device which is highly efficient and guarantees high performance. This 240V output station is used to reduce the time of charging by several hours, while the provided indicator bar is used to inform the user on the status of charging of the station.

Other features of the AmazonBasics

The hardwire installation is known to offer maximum value and security to the user. Whereas the style of this plug is used to streamline the process of installation of the chargers. The handy hook is used to neatly store up the cable of this chargers. For people who are completely undecided about the charging station, they will amazed by the aesthetic appeal of the whole unit.

Amazon BasicsAmazonBasics Electric Vehicle (EV) Level 2 Charging Station, 32 Amp - 25 feetCheck Price on Amazon

* Links in this table contain affiliate links, which means at no additional cost to you, we will earn a commission if you click through the link and make a purchase. Thank you for your support. For more details, please visit our Privacy policy page.