ClipperCreek HCS-50 EVSE Review: Best Level 2 Home Charging Station

The Clippercreek hcs 50 EVSE is one of the best home charging stations that you will ever get in the market. The CLippercreek hcs 50 comes as one of the best level 2 home charging stations because it seems to offer all an EV user needs for the best experiences in the charging of electric vehicles.

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One thing about home charging stations like the Clippercreek HCS 50 EVSE is that they are something that all EV owners should have. You need a Clippercreek hcs 5o EVSE 240v if you need to charge smoothly or conveniently at home. Any other option comes with a lot of inconvenience and difficulty.

Unless of course you prefer to charge your EV everyday in your workplace or you just like to wait for hours to charge your electric car with the use of the standard wall outlet, is very vital to get a home charging station.

Whereas, at first the home charging stations used to come in fairly large sizes and were primarily costly, we now have charging stations like the Clippercreek hcs 50 that now come in compact sizes and are more pocket-friendly to the average user of the electric vehicle.

These new EV charging units seem more reliable, convenient, and offers more value for money than the previous models. This review helps you know things that are important when purchasing and installing the ClipperCreek EVSE 240v charger.

You will need an EV charging station like the ClipperCreek hcs 50 considering the basic electricity power supply for a home in the US is about 120V for a household plug, while other appliances like the air conditioning units, dryers, and electric ovens can enjoy a wattage of 240V. You can use your outlet of about 240V to charge, and this depends on the level of energy and power that can be accepted by the car. Technically, you could use a level 1 charger which works with a house current of 110V. This choice is useful for people in a pinch. This is more like an “occasional charger”. However, if you were going to be needing something that packs more punches and delivers the goods, you will be needing a level 2 charger.

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The ClipperCreek Hcs 50 as a level 2 EV charging station

The ClipperCreek hcs 50 is a top level 2 charger which is currently being produced from one of the biggest producers of home EV charging stations: Clipper Creek. The brand name is known among EV circles as a very tough brand with quality products.

if you bought this Clipper Creek hcs 50 EV charging station, one thing that you will notice is the fact that it is reliable and tough. It offers a powerful current of about 40 amps and it comes with a cable that comes with a durable rubber over-molded cable while also having a vehicle station or connector holster.

This EV charging unit comes with a 240 volt, as well as level 2 charging features. This Clippercreek hcs 50 charging station comes with weather proof features for the station and connector holster and can be used both outdoors and indoors. Just like every other charging station, you get to choose a hardwired or plug charging station.

The normal ClipperCreek hcs 5o unit is the plug in unit and needs you to have a 240 volt outlet and offers a good value for your money. The standard ClipperCreek hcs 50 comes with all the features that you should be needing to have a smooth charging experience. This is good for the fleet workplace multi tenant hospitality and residential areas.

You get the connector lock keys with this device. The connector lock keys help keeps your charger safe and allows only authorized users have access to it.

The features of the ClipperCreek hcs 50 level 2 charging station

The ClipperCreek hcs 50 is a level 2 charging station that comes with all the right features that you shall be needing for a seamless and smooth level 2 charging. The first thing to notice about the charger is the 25 feet charging cable that eases installation and offers complete flexibility during operations.

The 25 feet charging cable ensures that you get to park your EV at any location and extend this cable wall near your electric vehicle to charge it but just mind the circuit reclosure after minor power faults charge circuit interruption and the key based access control solution designed to ensure safety. The cable comes with an integrated cable wrap which offers a convenient and simple way of storing the cable.

This charging station comes with the wall mount SAE J1772 connector holster, which is a tool that is used to conveniently store the vehicle with the connector holster included lockable SAE J1772 connector of the charger. Then again this ClipperCreek comes with a completely sealed NEMA 4 rated casing which is used to ease up installation at any location and offers optimal product durability in the presence of proper safety features.

One thing we love about the ClipperCreek hcs 60 charging station is the fact that it comes with a high power charging cable which is overmolded with rubber and offers a superior cold performance and increased durability. There are other features of the ClipperCreek hcs 60 that makes you sure whether to purchase it or not. It does not need you to get any professional electrician to assemble it.

Moreover, the ClipperCreek does not need you to use any mounting kit during installation. Other features of the ClipperCreek hcs 50 is the fact that it is listed for safety by the cETL and the ETL. You need to mind the circuit interruption device ground fault protection

Installation of the ClipperCreek hcs 50

The ClipperCreek hcs 50 is best for your installation needs if you are installing an EV charging device that is more difficult. The installation process of the ClipperCreek hcs 50 is one of the simplest processes and methods. This charging product for chargers is typically the lowest in terms of the installation costs of level 2 chargers.

The reason for this low cost is because the device which comes with the lowest costs among all charging station does not need much to get it installed; whether you purchase a hardwired version or a plug in version, if you are installing an EV charging port.

This then means that purchasing and installing the unit is a breeze and might not always need an electrician to get installed for you. The wallbox of this device is very simple. All you need to do is just to mount the unit to the wall with the use of several screws which will be anchored into the studs of the walls.

This ClipperCreek is also equipped with the wall-mounted SAE J1772 connector holster included to act as the charging handle. This is also used to screw the unit to the wall. However, this separate SAE J1772 connector holster which is meant for the handle could be very frustrating for certain users who will prefer that it just gets integrated into the charging station. But, it performs the function of keeping the handle flush to the wall. This means that it does not project out of the wall box and make the whole device very cumbersome and bulky.

One tricky thing that happens during the installation of the ClipperCreek hcs 50 charging station is getting to install a new breaker. Despite the fact that you seem to know all about EVSE chargers, you will still need a professional electrician to get this one installed the right way as recommended. While the installation is straightforward, it is not an easy feat and you will want to make sure that it is properly done.

All you will ever need to install this unit are 8 gauge wires and the 40 amp breaker which you will are in compliance with the standard local electrical codes. However, this code might vary from state to state. People who stay in homes that come with an attached garage are lucky.

In this case, you will get the easiest possible installation. All you will need is to run the appropriate wires from your electrical panel down to the charging station. If you live in a building complex, then you might be able to face a slight challenge. Therefore, you will always do well to check in with a professional electrician and the latest building electrical codes.

The ClipperCreek hcs 50p EV charging station is capable of delivering your charge at both 40 amps amd 240 volts. This roughly translates to about 9.6KW. This means that you are able to charge your BMW i3 for just about 4.5 hours while using the Level 2 charging. This is because the i3 is capvble of accepting a power rating of about 7.7kW. Your ClipperCreek hcs 50p is big enough to do just this.

For your ClipperCreek HCS 50P, you can fully charge your BMW plug-in hybrid because this line of cars are able to accept the highest power of about 3.7kW. This is because they come with much smaller batteries. However, this smaller battery will not take such a long time to charge or it finally evens out.

The only electrical vehicles you have in the market in Northern America that are capable of handling higher charges over 7.7kW are your Tesla Model X and S and the Mercedes Benz B250e. Furthermore, users are able to order for the plug-in versions of the EVSEs which comes with the NEMA 6 50 or the NEMA 14 50 plug. This means that your electrician will be able to install the 240V version he just needs to find out which model of Tesla you own.

The Clippercreek Hcs 50 additional features

One amazing thing about this ClipperCreek electric vehicle charging station is the fact that it comes with a long list of electrical vehicle charging equipment contained in the manual for this product. This electric vehicle charging station probably comes with more charging options for electric cars than most other EVSE makers in the market.

However, there seems to be lots of excellent wall-box electric vehicle charging station units present in the market. But, the reason why this ClipperCreek hcs 50 is recommended is because of its low cost and is a low profile alternative which comes with low installation costs and stays compact and nice either in the exterior wall or in the wall of your garage.

EnphaseClipperCreek HCS-50 EVSE, 240V, 40A, Level 2Check Price on Amazon

* Links in this table contain affiliate links, which means at no additional cost to you, we will earn a commission if you click through the link and make a purchase. Thank you for your support. For more details, please visit our Privacy policy page.