How Much To Install Level 2 Charger

The average cost for the installation falls within the range of between $455 and $1068. While the median charger installation costs is at just $756 per panel. The price for EV charging stations comes with an average cost of between $400 and $2000.

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This depends on whether you get a Level 1 electric car charging station or the Level 2 car charging station. There are still other charger installation costs when considering whether to hardwire the level 2 EV charging station or trying to install a circuit panel for the plug-in models. This will include more charger installation costs that is between $500 and $1500.

The nature of the electric car charging station

The electric vehicle charging station for the electric car, is a type of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) for the EV. The EV charging station comes in either the portable plug-in panel products or the circuit units with direct wire to the 240 volt outlet. Furthermore, these EV charging stations can be obtained in three different levels. The first level circuit comes with a 120 volt standard 20 amp circuit. This circuit is usually bought with your electric car.

The second Level EV charging station for the electric car comes with a 240 volt with a 40 amp to 100 amp circuit. This level 2 EV charging station generally cuts down the time of charging to almost half. The next EV charging stations to consider are the Level 3 EV charging station units and has the ability to charge three times faster a Level 2 EV charging station when put in many homes. Tesla electric vehicles usually use the level 3 electric car charging station and has the ability to charge for like an hour.

The installation costs of the electric car charging station

The installation costs of installing the electric car charging station comes with an average cost of between $455 and $1068 which includes the charging station cost of the units as well as the installation. For home installations, you will need to opt either for the level 1 charging station or level 2 charging station residential version. Commercial properties have the right to choose among the different levels of electric car charging stations.

The Level 1 electric car charging station comes with the standard household circuit of 120 volt, which can be spotted in many electric car garages. The level 2 electric car charging station is one that uses the 240 volt circuit. This same charging station uses the 240 volt outlet for home dryers and electric stoves. This type of electric car charging station outlet are usually not readily available in the home. Since these charging stations charge faster than the Level 1 charging stations, you will need to include a circuit. The average cost to install a circuit is at $700.

The level 1 EV charging stations

The Level 1 EV charging stations come with an average cost of between $300 and $600. While parts and labor costs will be at between $0 and $1,700. These charging stations for the electric vehicle generally charges for between 8 and 12 hours. The charge time for these charging stations depends on the battery of your electric car.

The Level 1 car charging stations do not offer complex systems and they come in a standard 120 volt circuit that are very common in home garages. The EV will come with the Level 1 cable, that is used to plug into a standard wall outlet, which resembles plugging your phone to make it charge. This types of chargers might come with a low charging station cost, it takes very long to charge. These chargers are known to produce 20 amps of charging current at 120 volts at 1.4 KW. Finally, the level 1 chargers are known to produce between 4 and 5 miles of charge per hour.

The Level 2 EV charging stations

The average cost of these chargers is pegged at between $500 and $2,200 per panel. Furthermore, your charger installation fees will come with an additional $1200 – $3300 for costs concerning accessories and labor charges. The charging time for these chargers are level 2 usually between 4 and 6 hours. These charging stations are known to produce 40 amps of charge current, 240 volt, and between 6 kW and 7.6 kW. The level 2 charging stations produces between 12 to 60 miles of charge per hour.

This level 2 station comes in both the portable plug and direct wire models. The charger will be able to charge up your electric car over ten times faster than the level 1 EVSE chargers. The level 2 chargers can be found commonly around public parking spaces. The charging station costs for your level 2 chargers will vary depending on the length of the cable and the amperage.

The level 3 charging stations

One thing that the level 3 charging stations are known for, is the fact that they are only put to use for commercial purposes only. The price for these level 3 chargers usually ranges between $20,000 and $50,000. Then EV charging station installers will charge you further charging station costs of over $50,000 and beyond for the price for accessories and installation.

The level 3 chargers are monster chargers as they get to charge your electric vehicle using about 20 or 30 minutes to charge about 80% of your vehicle. The level 3 chargers are not home charging stations. They are designed to be used commercially. This is why charging station installers will charge more for the charging station installation. They will override the onboard charger of your vehicle and directly supply power to the battery of the vehicle.

The level 3 commercial charging stations are known to produce 500 amps of current and produce between 480 and 800 volt with up to 150 kW. You will get between 250 and 300 miles of charge per hour with the level 3 commercial EV charging stations.

Tesla – Charging Station Installation Costs

The Tesla mobile connector car charger is a fast electric car EV charger with just low equipment costs. This EV charger comes with an average price of about $500. Every one of the chargers is able to handle about between 208 and 240 volt of power supplies with between 60 and 90 amps circuit. This home charger usually needs the skills of charging station installers to do. These electricians will usually charge about an hourly price of between $50 and $100 when installing this Tesla Home EV. This means that the total price to install Tesla home charging stations is generally at between $630 and $1,100 for a basic panel.

The Tesla vehicle panels for the Home EV units usually comes with their Level 1 adaptors as well as their wall connections. There is also a more rugged 240 volt for outlet and one cord that can be used for public stations.

Installation costs for the home charger

If you were going to be installing home EV chargers you will need to understand that there are basic add-ons like the Wi fi which comes with their separate price charges. The cost for your home EV charger will usually vary due to the number of add-ons that you choose to add. The average price for labor charges for electricians will be between $50 and $100 per hour.

While the cost of Wi Fi for your EV charger will normally be between $100 and $200 per unit. Furthermore, the cost to install your wiring will be between $6 and $8 per foot. Your home charger should also come with, say a 100-amp wall outlet connection which will cost about between $150 and $350.

The general cost to install your EV charger will evidently vary because of electrician costs, the wiring and extra features like Wi fi which you need. Most of the cost of the EV charger usually is from labour plus the unit itself however, know that you will need to have several add-ons during installation.

The cost of permits for installing the home charger will increase total cost of the whole installation process. This cost for permits is between $100 and $200 and will determine whether you get to install the home EVSE charger or not. Commercial and home users of the home chargers will generally need a permit to change both the electrical lines and structures, but this depends on your location.

Below is a summary of the cost involved for the permit of your EV charging equipment:

  • The cost for application is between $40-$60
  • The cost of getting the electrical permit is between $80-$100
  • The cost of additional Handling Charges is between $20-$40

The cost of modification of your garage

Parking garages are very essential when thinking of modifying your home for the sake of your home EV charger for your electric vehicles. The modification of the garage should be seen as a project. When you are thinking of buying your level 2 EV charger you should know what electric vehicles unit you have in your garage. This modification project should be approached the right way.

To begin with the project, you should know that most parking garages are not equipped with the 240 volt and 20 to 100 amp. This means that the project will involve installing a 24o volt household outlet. For this installation project, the EV charging station EV installers will charge you anything between $500 and $1500 for this level 2 EV charger feature. An alternative solution will be to add a unit, this will then give you an average cost for your garage remodel project as $13,600.

Charging stations for electric vehicles are either rated to be used outdoor or indoor. This means that car owners will need to decide which one works best for them. Owners of the electric vehicle that have no garage will need to get an electric vehicle panel that comes with a NEM 3 rating (minimum), while other manufacturers will give them a 4 rating.

Then again, there are certain people that might be considering the indoor unit and they not have a garage. This mean that the will have to build a garage. This types of projects are quite costly. The projects for a new garage will cost the owner of the house more than $27,700.

Installation of the electric vehicle charging station – The additional Features

Your total installation fee can also determined by the breaker box of he system. A majority of the systems need about the 240 volt unit, and in the case that the home needs a new breaker that is able to transport energy at this level, the cost will be increased. The wires which will be connected from your breaker box to the system might lead to an increased fee, most especially when your system needs wires that are longer.

Other people will still need to have a look at the system type that is in their homes. They will need to also consider the added feature of the product. If you get a system with Wi Fi, this will come with more cost than one with no Wi Fi. Similarly, one with a longer cord will cost more than the other with a shorter cord. There are certain systems that need just one cord which users will plug into any given outlet and will connect to their vehicles, however other types come with more complication and will need a breaker box plus the permanent electric connection.

Two suggested best chargers for home use

In consideration of the cost of fixing of charging units for your electric vehicles, you will need a unit that is cheaper to install with an optimum production of charge miles per hour. These are the type of units that car manufacturers expect you to have as a home service unit for your EV. We have made sure that when installing these devices, you need not be wary of the fee of EV charging station fitters. These units will not drill a hole in your pockets and are made from some of the best components for an easy installation.

We have the Enel X JuiceBox Pro 4 and the Charge Point EV charging units that both offer long-term value for your money. The two suggested best chargers for use in the home includes:

1). The Juice box Pro 40

The JuiceBox Pro 40 is one of the best chargers when you are considering cheaper cost of installation . The JuiceBox works well for your electric vehicle because it is basically a 10KW charging device that works both outdoors and indoors. This means that you can easily park your electric cars anywhere close to your home and power it up with more energy. Then you will not need to fork $27,000 for projects like building a new garage for your electric vehicle.

Users will find this charger as a user-friendly option. As one of the best cheap installation chargers, this device is accompanied by the JuiceNet app. This app helps to cater to the charging needs of all electric cars. The app comes with many features to help improve the user charging experience. You get to use this app with Amazon echo, so Alexa can basically be commanded to power up your I3 anytime you feel like it.

You can plug your vehicle to this charging device and charge it on any JuiceBox Pro charging station. The JuiceBox is developed in two different models. There is the simple plug and the hardwired version. It is a good home charging station for the electric SUV and all EVs. It helps power up the battery pack of your electric vehicle. The charging device needs the services of a qualified electrician to help work at optimal efficiency.

The JuiceBox was created for the battery of most EV vehicles and it would charge all models of the I3. The manufacturer has fitted a good range on the charger to help power up the electric vehicle. This JuiceBox works with the J1772 charge system. The NEMA 14 50 plug has a cable attached to it.

The charging station for your electric vehicle also has a NEMA 14 50 plug at the other end. The aluminium quick release bracket helps enhance the suitability of the charger. The JuiceBox caters to the driving needs of all drivers of the electric vehicle. It is one of those home chargers that offer a premium charging service due to it’s design and other factors.

But do not worry about installation charges and other costs because this outlet usually costs the normal price that you will pay for the charger. But, it does pack some features too. This unit comes with the same plug function as the clothes dryer which means that you will not have to install a new one like this.

Driver’s can use this charger to power up their cars. It is such a portable charger and can be found easily in any country with decent charging networks. Alternatively, drivers of electric cars can get one themselves to enhance their general charging experience.


  • Comes with an in built WIFI.
  • A 40 amp unit.
  • Has a small form factor.
  • Good cost of installation.


  • The WIFI occasionally encounters some problems.

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2). ChargePoint Home Flex WIFI enabled EV charger

ChargePoint as a charger is a good outdoor charging station for your EV. This ChargePoint charger for your EV is a charger that can be seen easily in most charging networks in any country with a good electrical vehicle infrastructure. Charge Point can also be used in the home to charge the battery of your EV with numerous service options. The charging device needs the services of a qualified electrician to help work at optimal efficiency.

This an electric vehicle charging device that is offered as a plug or hardwired version. It is a charger and can be used to charge your KWH battery. It is best suited for any EV, concept cars, and other electric SUV cars. The Charge Point offers some of the best features found in home chargers. You can easily charge your I3 with the NEMA 14 50 plug. We love the fact that this Charge Point Charger is sleek and smooth and comes with topnotch features.

Like the JuiceBox, this ChargePoint home flex charger will charge your electric vehicle while being able to communicate with Amazon Echo device. It comes with an app that caters to your charging needs and enhance the general experience. The app helps you remember when to plug in your electric vehicle. You can use this to sustain the battery life of your vehicle. Luckily, you will not be installing any of this apps, this means that you will not be charged for anything other than your EV charging unit.

Most EV drivers fancy this charger and it offers a great range. This ChargePoint is a level 2 charger which can charge up your vehicle battery to get to the 50 amp unit that it is. This can add close to 37 miles of range per hour to power it up. You can easily plug in your car and choose to either charge this at 16 amps or at 50 amps to help boost your charging options. The charger has an excellent design and safety feature that makes it work with your car.

This charging unit is like the Juicebox Pro 40 mentioned above in the fact that it does not come with a high cost when you are looking to install the panel. It comes with parts that are easily mounted to the wall. This single function will help you save the money needed to buy wall brackets to install the electric car station.


  • Decent cost of installation.
  • The battery charger is an energy star certified device.
  • Can be obtain in the hardwire or plug variants.
  • Offers a 37 miles range per hour charge with just 50A.


  • The app malfunctions sometimes during vehicle battery charging.

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JuiceBoxJuiceBox 40 Next Generation Smart Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station with WiFi -Check Price on Amazon
ChargePointChargePoint Home Flex Electric Vehicle (EV) 6-50 ChargerCheck Price on Amazon

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