Mustart Level 2 Charger Review: Best Level 2 Portable Charging Station

When making the important transition from the traditional vehicle to the electric vehicle, one important thing you will need to consider, is charging the battery of your electric car. To use your new electric vehicle satisfactorily, you will need to get a good charger for the battery. Speaking of a good EV charger for your vehicle, we have the Mustart EVSE charger – the best level 2 portable charging station for all electric vehicles and a decent brand like the Juicebox 40.

MUSTARTMUSTART Level 2 Portable EV Charger (240 Volt, 25ft Cable, 40 Amp),Check Price on Amazon

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The Mustart EV charger is among the best level 2 chargers out there because it is equipped with lots of safety features and more other functions. Overall, people have generally regarded the Mustart EVSE charger to be among the best third-party chargers currently available in the market. One thing about the Mustart EVSE level 2 charger is that it is very portable and is able to charge electric vehicles at fast charging speeds.

The again the Mustart EVSE charger for the electric vehicle is known to be packed full of numerous safety functions that are meant to safeguard the charger, your electric cars, and you. This review seeks to look profoundly into some of the best features of this essential portable Level 2 electric vehicle charger.

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A review of the Mustart electric vehicle charger 

If ever you take your car to the office and you then remember that you can not quickly charge up your vehicle, Mustart EV charging device will help you quickly charge your vehicle. The device comes with tons of features that has redefined how the electric vehicle is being charged.

The Mustart EV charger review – Lightening speed charging function

The first thing about the Mustart EV charger is that the device is a level 2 charger which is able to charge your cars with around 40 amps and several times faster. Due to the fast charge function of the Mustart, you get to charge up your car about 5 times faster than a basic L1 charger. Not to knock off the level 1 devices, though, because why they are pretty reliable, they have nothing on the Mustart level 2 EV lighting speed charge function.

The Mustart EV charger comes with the standard charging procedures and ports. Due to this, you could charge up any electric vehicle with this charger.  What if you have a car that comes with another type of port, then you can still use the Mustart EV charger – all you need do is just to attach converters and adapters and you will be able to make it work.

One other thing that the Mustart EV home charger offers to its users are an easy to use experience while being portable at the same time. You get a long charging cable with this device. The long charging cable that ensures a safe connection and safe charging devices. People also like a long charging cable as this is more useful than other lengths of the charging . This charger is a device that comes with everything present on a single line from the outlet plug in. This also have the charger controls while the charging wires are stuck together.

In terms of portability, the Mustart EV home charger is one of the best charging device because it makes you to forego the need to take your car to a charging station. Rather, you get to charge your car from either the home of your friend or your relative.

This level 2 home charger system comes with tons of amazing charging capabilities which makes it able to charge with super-fast charging speeds and comes with a portable package.

The Mustart EVSE charger review – NEMA 14 50 plug

For the Mustart home portable charging system to help power the control box, you will get the NEMA 14 50 outlet plug in which is among the most recognized for charging appliances that need high power. More significantly, the NEMA 14 50 is a constant feature for a majority of electric vehicle home charging devices because it offers a safe connection and stability without hardwiring.

This NEMA 14 50 outlet plug in is not all that common, however, it has been recommended that every house should at least purchase one of these NEMA 14 50 plug for their EV charger devices. Then again, it is important to consult your electric company to make sure that the load matches your electric supply.

With that aside, the Mustart level 2 portable EV option has been recommended to come with a charge voltage of 220V to 240V for an excellent charging speed. Furthermore, you need a connection that c an handle about 40 amps to be sent to your charger because, the Mustart EV chargers are a level 2 charger. If you do this the right way, you can be able to charge any type of electric car and go from 0%-100% within less than 8 hours.

To clarify further, it is known that the Level 1 chargers usually are powered by the standard 120V AC plug, then this is the most common fixture in the house. It will take about one day or two to fully charge an EV with this Level 1 charger which is just terrible. The level 2 chargers are known to run on 220VAC-240VAC and will only take about 8 or 10 hours to charge up your vehicle.

The Mustart is only less superior to the Level 3 chargers that needs a dedicated line from any electric company. The Tesla Superchargers are a good example of a Level 3 charger and operate with around 400VDC or more. The level 3 chargers are not common in homes and are usually costly to install around them home.

The Mustart EV charger review – The Charger Control Box

It is not the power of the electricity that makes your EV to charge pretty fast to produce good miles of range per hour. Rather, the charger control box is the device that makes that possible. This is the reason you have lots of chargers that fail, come with a bad switch, do not charge pretty well, or are just unsafe. The Mustart level 2 portable EV charger is a good device to have because it seems to integrate a majority of all of these safety features while having premium chips that ensures that all Charger control boxes come with fast charging speeds. This is used to ensure good miles of range per hour.

Moreover, the charger control box is known to come with many safety features which can be used to help protect the owner of the EV. This can also help you prevent the outbreak of any electric fire. One of the most important features of the device is the IP55 waterproofing, which can protect against accidental spills but not against rain. You also get a device that promotes abrasion resistance for sustained durability.

 One thing we love about this control box, is the fact that it seems to come with lots of monitor LED lights. We are three monitor LED lights which all have different purposes. The green light is the power indicator, while the green light is the charging indicator. The yellow light is used to show charging errors.

Then again, we have in the control box a small display which shows the charging time, the temperature, the wattage, the amperage, and the voltage. This feature is really useful for new purchases. For new purchases, people are usually anxious, this information display shows all relevant charging information.

The moment that the control box identifies an error, immediately connection will be cut-off to prevent shortages and further errors The chips can get triggered as fast as 100m. The control box also ensures safety by preventing such hazardous errors like charging leakage, overheating, over-voltage, and over-current.

The Mustart EV charger review – The charging cables

If you were to purchase a good charger, you will need one that comes with the right cables. This device comes with cables that come with thick wires and are heavily insulated, which is something that you will need if ever need to handle any current that is more than 40 amps current. However, in spite of the thick insulation, this cable can be togged around easily and are very flexible.

This is a long charging power cord cable as it extends from the wall plug outlet down to the control box with a length of about 3 feet. Then there is the cable from the charging box which extends by 22 feet which is by far a normal length of any L2 charger. Then again with 22 feet you can be able to reach any car from your garage. Then again, you get an extension cord to help you reach even further.

The Mustart EV Charger Review – Connector

The Mustart EV charger comes with a connector – the J1772 connector. Technically, this J1772 is a nice and standard connector which you can use on any electric vehicle. Despite when you have a proprietary port, such as the Tesla charging port, you still get to use this connector. This can be connected to the j17472 plug with the use of an adaptor which comes when you buy your car.

The Mustart level 2 portable EV charger comes with a beefy connector and is able to handle very high voltages plus high currents passing through it. In terms of the safety function, we have a waterproof safety rating of IP67 for this connector which allows you to work during rainy conditions.

 The Mustart EV charger review – Extra features

When EV owners buy this level 2 portable EV charger, they will get many things with this charger. This comes with the main charger, furthermore, you will get a hook to help you loop the cable, plus two clamps to use to securely hold the control box as well as a rubberized plugs that is used for connector, wall plugs, and screws. The plugs are very versatile.

MUSTARTMUSTART Level 2 Portable EV Charger (240 Volt, 25ft Cable, 40 Amp),Check Price on Amazon

* Links in this table contain affiliate links, which means at no additional cost to you, we will earn a commission if you click through the link and make a purchase. Thank you for your support. For more details, please visit our Privacy policy page.