Grizzl-E Level 2 EV Charger Review: Best Home Charging Station

The Grizzl E home EV charger is a relatively new charger that has been released into the commercial electric vehicle market for home usage. This EV charger is a unit that was made in Canada by the popular company – United Chargers. The charger is known to deliver an adjustable power delivery that can get up to about 40 amps. One thing about the Grizzl E chargers is the fact that they are offered at affordable prices while being fully packed with features to power your electric car.

Grizzl-EGrizzl-E Level 2 EV Charger (GR1-14-24-Regular)Check Price on Amazon

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The Power of the Grizzl E charging unit

This classic Grizzl E classic is rated is a 240 volt level 2 EV charging station which is capable of delivering a power of about 40 amps to your electric vehicle. This is such a good feat since most of the level 2 home chargers available in the market currently are only capable of delivering about 32 amps to deliver 18 miles per hour of charge.

Therefore, it is fair to note that the Grizzl E classic EV charger is just about the most powerful chargers that you can currently find in the market. But, this cable charger can be used to supply powers of 16 amps, 24 amps, or 32 amps (16a 24a 32a) as the case might be. This means that people might be limited to a certain power delivery if the circuit which they are installing will be limited to a charge rate below 40 amps – which could be 16a 24a or 32a. This means that you get a different output, per hour at 16a, per hour at 24a, per hour at 32a, and per hour at 40a.

You do not have to worry about the wattage of the charger when using it on your EV. This Grizzl E classic EVSE cable unit is because your vehicle usually determines the wattage that it is able to take and not usually the charger. This charging station can only supply the wattage demanded by your car. Your vehicle might end up asking for excess power, this is why the charger comes with a limit. This is used to comply with the maximum allowable limit of the EV charging circuit.

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Simplicity of installation of the Grizzl E charging unit

When it comes to the installation process of the Grizzl E, we get a charger that comes with one of the most minimal method of installation. Technically, the Grizzle E charging unit comes as a plug in unit, therefore the full process of installation can be limited to just screwing on your mounting bracket to a wall. This is used to hang the unit of the device onto the mounting bracket, while trying to plug it in.

You can make your Grizzl E wall unit come with different plug input cable. The Grizzl E can either come with the NEMA 14 50 plug option or the NEMA 6 50 plug type. Whether you use the NEMA 14 50 or the 6 50, you will get the same amount of power. So, the plug difference is just a matter of the type of plug that you prefer to plug in your grizzl E. Comes with good power and output configurations.

Furthermore, when you buy this cable electric vehicle charger, there is also an optional lock that you are able to order from the makers of the unit. This is used to secure the charger to a mounting bracket to help avert any potential theft. The lock comes at a minimal price if you order it along with the G charging station. If you do not need this device, there is a cotter security pin that is supplied which is used to securely hold this unit in place. plus you get a good cable length.

The construction of the Grizzl E

The Grizzl E is a well constructed device that is both sleek and smooth. The design of the Grizzl E accomplishes ergonomics, function, and aesthetics. This charger has been engineered with some of the best materials to ensure serviceability, durability, and unrestricted function. This Grizzl E is housed in a solid, strong aluminum. This metallic external casing makes the Grizzl E one of the few EV chargers that come with the metallic enclosure.

Whereas we have a metallic external façade with the Grizzl E, every other charger out there comes fully made with plastic. The charger comes with a NEMA 4 rating. This feature ensures that the charger can both be used indoors and outdoors. The rating is used to guarantee that the Grizzl E is insured against the effects of extreme weather events which includes the blowing rain and snow. This function is important to the makers of the device because they have to produce a charger which is strong enough to withstand the harsh Canadian weather.

The Cable Management and connector holster of the Grizzl E

The Grizzl E comes with a plastic remote connector holster which can be wall mounted wherever you choose to mount it, This is called the – Easy EV plug by United chargers. This is because the device charger is designed to allow the owner to easily connect the holster, even if you have a dark garage. It is able to do this with its tapered inlet. This means that you will not need to perfectly align your J1772 connector with the holster whenever you need to connect it.

This holster J1772 connector is reasonably effective. Though, it might not be a perfect device, they require you to align your connector perfectly, or the lock will be in place. But, something nice about this EZ EV plug is the fact that you have a sufficiently deep top that can hold about 3 – 4 widths of the coiled charging cable. The front of the tab is sufficiently high to prevent the cable from slipping off. This is such a decent option as some remote cable holders from different other brands do not work this well. This EV plug also comes in white or black. This comes with some of the best configurations for your money and an excellent cable management system.

Other functions of the Grizzl E charging unit

You have got to like this Grizzl E as your normal standard EV charger. What this means is that it does not come with the smartphone app, or a WIFI connectivity. The Grizzl E just goes to charge your vehicle and does not come with other advanced features such as remote monitoring, scheduled charging, does not have the intelligence to participate in the demand response utility programs, or the ability to connect to Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa. But it comes with DIP switches that is used to ensure safety and code compliance.

This very different from the Enel X JuiceBox and the ChargePoint Home flex because they all can communicate with these programs and come with apps, WIFI connectivity, and other advanced features for a convenient charging operation. You get one year warranty on it.

This means that unlike the ChargePoint, or the Juicebox which are smart chargers the Grizzl E is not a smart charger because it lacks all of this features. However, there is a report from United chargers, the makers of the chargers that it will soon be upgraded to a smart charger.

Furthermore, without completely trumping the idea for a smart charger, the makers are currently working on a simple upgrade which people who currently have the Grizzl E can use. This upgrade can be used to turn your Grizzl E into a smart charger if they feel like it. However, there are no full details regarding the upgrade. However, the information currently available are that it will come soon, it will not cost much, and will be installed as a simple solution.

Finally, the last thing that needs to be addressed is that the Grizzl E appears to resemble the first-generation of the JuiceBox. Hence some people have often wondered if the Grizzl E is some sort of knockoff of the JuiceBox. However, this is not the case. But, it appears similar to the Juicebox since the external shape and size is pretty similar to the JuiceBox.

This is since the makers are currently using the widely used NEMA 4 aluminum casing, which allows them to be able to peg the price of the Grizzl E to be an affordable EVSE. Users can save hundreds of dollars when buying and installing the device.

Grizzl-EGrizzl-E Level 2 EV Charger (GR1-14-24-Regular)Check Price on Amazon

* Links in this table contain affiliate links, which means at no additional cost to you, we will earn a commission if you click through the link and make a purchase. Thank you for your support. For more details, please visit our Privacy policy page.