Tesla and the British Government Reportedly Planning a UK ‘Gigafactory’

  • A new rumor claims that Tesla is looking to set up a giant factory in the UK.
  • Documents from the Department for International Trade reveal that they’re currently looking for a 4 million square feet plot for a likely production, assembly, or R&D facility.
  • It is said that an industrial park in Somerset could be in contention for this rumored Tesla factory.

Just as tesla looks to expedite the construction of Gigafactory Berlin in a bid to improve focus on the European market, a new rumor from Property Week suggests that the EV maker may be in talks with the British Government for a massive EV production unit within the UK.

It is said that the Department for International Trade (DIT) is looking for a site as big as 4 million square feet, although the document doesn’t mention Tesla by name in its filing. Instead, it says that this unit will be an “electric vehicle (EV) research, development, and manufacturing plant”.

It is said that a 650-acre property in Somerset known as Gravity Industrial Park could be a likely spot for the new Tesla factory. While Tesla CEO Elon Musk previously claimed that setting up a business in the UK may be “too risky” considering the Brexit uncertainties, it seems like the company has finally come around.

Tesla Fremont
Tesla Factory at Fremont, CA

But as is the case with any preliminary report, there are still some ways to go before we can get a confirmation from Tesla on this front. But given that a European expansion has always been on the radar for the company, one would say that a move like this was always on the cards.

It’s worth mentioning that Tesla enjoys decent popularity in the UK thanks to cars like the Model 3 and the Model S. While British-made Teslas would surely make lives easier for the company, we’re not sure if the company is willing to go all-in on a British factory given that the Berlin Gigafactory is yet to take full shape. Keeping this in mind, we recommend you to take this rumor with a grain of salt.

Source: Property Week

Via: Electrek