Xiaopeng P7 Sedan Officially Priced at $32,450 USD to Rival Tesla Model 3 in China

One of Tesla Model 3’s biggest rival has been officially listed. The Xiaopeng P7 launched a total of 8 models, with pricing ranging from $32,450 to $49,400 USD after subsidies. The main difference in the models are based on the range, with total of four different ranges of 343, 353, 408 and 439 miles. The battery pack ranges from from 70.8 to 80.9 kWh.

Under ideal charging temperatures, the Xiaopeng P7 can get 75 miles battery life in as little as 10 minutes, and it takes only 31 minutes to charge the battery from 30% to 80%. The P7 also comes equipped with Xiaopeng’s latest XPILOT 3.0 driving assistance system.

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The new EV from Xiaopeng comes with five-year or 120,000 km vehicle warranty, free lifelong road assistance, and by the end of this year, the remote diagnosis resolution rate of Xiaopeng P7 will reach 75% and gradually to more than 90%.

Xiaopeng Automobile founder, Xiaopeng He, said that the brand’s sale centers have increased from 8 in 2019 to 113 now, and the coverage of cities has grown from 5 to 57. So far, its service centers have reached 113.

Xiaopeng P7 is the brand’s flagship product in 2023 and the brand’s second model after the G3. It is equipped with the XPILOT 3.0 assisted driving system with the Xavier computing platform.

The P7 also offers NEDC models with a cruising range of 439 miles, which outlasts the model 3 by over 100 miles. Currently, the longest ranged Model 3 in the U.S. delivers 322 miles.

As for other smart device configurations, Xiaopeng Automobile has also opened up Alipay channels. The vehicle will join some Alipay apps and service ecosystems, and the Alipay apps can also be used to control vehicles, such as unlocking vehicles.

The new car will also support NFC card keys, smart watches and other methods to unlock the doors. In addition, the voice assistant Xiao P will be displayed with a brand new 3D intelligent image, and users can personally change their image.

The premium version of the P7 is equipped with 14 cameras, 5 millimeter wave radars and 12 ultrasonic radars, and is equipped with high-precision positioning + high-definition high-precision map. All these technology helps the assisted driving simulation display system, full-speed adaptive cruise, lane centering assist system, adaptive cornering cruise, and automatic parking assist. In the future, through OTA, the new car can also realize the functions of autonomous access to ramps and freeways.

Xiaopeng P7 rear-drive long-endurance and ultra-long-endurance models are equipped with permanent magnet synchronous motors with a maximum power of 196kW and a peak torque of 390Nm on the rear axle, and four-wheel drive high-performance models are located on the front and rear axles. Each is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor, the maximum power of the system is 316kW, and the peak torque is 660Nm .

Xiaopeng P7 is positioned as a pure electric mid-size car, with a price range of about $28,000 to $42,000 USD. Combining the model level and selling price, in fact, there is currently no direct competition for P7 in the Chinese market, especially considering the enormous 439 mile range. However, there are still models that can compete with P7 across the price range, such as the tesla Model 3. The lowest price of the tesla Model 3 after the subsidy starts at ,850 USD in China.