Elon Musk Discusses Cybertruck Improvements and Other Changes with Jay Leno

  • Tesla Cybertruck makes an appearance on a teaser for Jay Leno’s Garage, a CNBC TV show, ahead of the episode’s airing next week.
  • The episode is also expected to contain an appearance and some details on the Tesla Cyberquad ATV.
  • Initial models of the Tesla Cybertruck are expected to be delivered by late 2021.

Tesla’s Cybertruck has generated quite a bit of excitement around right now, and the company CEO Elon Musk is now giving an interview and a very good look at the new Cybertruck as part of the new season of the CNBC TV show, Jay Leno’s Garage. In a still image from the teaser for the upcoming episode, Musk is shown to be standing on top of the cybertruck vault, possibly to demonstrate the durability of the vehicle.

Musk has dropped several crucial information on the Cybertruck recently, although the Jay Leno episode was probably shot back in January, which makes sense given that Musk here is shown to be talking about the need to reduce 3% of its size to make sure it fits into a conventional garage.

The tesla CEO has previously mentioned that owners who seek different colors of the Cybertruck will have to wrap a layer around the car as it will only be available with a reinforced stainless steel body that Musk claims to be bulletproof. The slanted windshield, on the other hand, is apparently made of armor.

This episode of Jay Leno’s Garage will air next week, and CNBC has started airing teasers of the episode on its platforms. What’s exciting about this particular episode is that it will also feature tesla’s little known Cyberquad ATV, which has briefly been spotted in leaks before. So there’s plenty to look forward to as far as tesla’s new Cybertruck is concerned. It was recently reported that Tesla had chosen Austin, Texas for its Cybertruck production unit.

You can catch the teaser in its entirety from CNBC’s official page below.

Source: CNBC