Future Audi RS Variants Could Come With Hybrid Or Fully Electrified Powertrains

  • A new report suggests that Audi is looking to electrify its performance-oriented RS lineup of vehicles in a bid to keep up with the times.
  • It is rumored that the fully-electric Audi RS model will likely be the eTron GT RS that has already been spotted in concepts.
  • Audi already has a hybrid RS model known as the Audi RS4 Avant though its electric range is pretty low.

While several automakers have entered the EV market in some capacity, there are a few that are still somewhat lagging behind. Audi is certainly not one of them, although the company doesn’t have as many EVs as some of its rivals. A new report now suggests that Audi may consider electrifying its RS lineup either with a hybrid powertrain or an all-electric powertrain.

It is said that the first of these vehicles will be a plug-in hybrid and will arrive sometime before or by 2023 when the company is also expected to show off an all-electric RS model known for now as the e-Tron GT RS.

The Audi RS models are marketed as performance-oriented cars and have an extensive cult like following across Europe and Asia. While the Audi e-Tron was marketed as a vehicle for the masses, the RS is a niche lineup with a steep price range. It’s also worth noting that one existing Audi RS model, the RS4 Avant already has a hybrid powertrain, though the vehicle’s electric range is minimal.

Audi has assured its customers that an electrified RS model would stay true to the RS legacy and offer high-performance engines that fans have loved and appreciated for years. It is further said that even if the company decides to go fully-electric with the RS lineup, it will continue to make internal combustion engine variants on the side.

It will be interesting to see how these plug-in and fully-electrified Audi RS models will fare in the market. Bear in mind that the market will have plenty of EVs by 2023 including from some of the biggest names in the industry such as Ford, GMC, and not to mention the highly-anticipated Tesla Cybertruck.

Via: Autocar