Tom Brady Rolls Up In Tesla Model S Then Trespasses Stranger’s Home In “Tompa Bay”

Tom Brady’s got it all, Super Bowl rings, supermodel wife, big happy family. He surely could drive just about any car he wanted, especially with that brand spanking new $50M contract he just signed with the Tampa Bay Bucs.

So what is Tom Brady’s vehicle of choice? An eco-friendly speed demon Tesla Model S of course. Glad to see he is one of us!

Image Credit: TMZ

What Car Does Tom Brady Drive?

Tom Brady’s Tesla Model S

Brady’s tesla Model S with chrome delete has perfectly “inflated” tires. The tinted windows should help with the Florida sun, but not sure if the black paint will insulate the heat. That tesla remote climate control will come in handy!

This Tesla Model S has also been spotted in Foxborough before, so this photo matches the description.

 Chrome delete package can be done for about $1,800. Looks a lot like one of these…

YouTube video

Tom Brady Tresspassing?

Apparently, Tom Brady drove this tesla to Buccaneers offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich’s house to pickup some material, perhaps the new playbook for the upcoming season. But Brady made the wrong read and bounced left instead of right…

Image Credit: TMZ

You can read the full story here on TMZ.