EV Conversion: 1958 ( AUDI ) Auto – Union 3=6 With Nissan Leaf Motor and Batteries

Odd Autos garage out in Malvern, UK showcased their first EV conversion build. This is 1958 Auto Union 3=6. If you have not heard of this car brand, Auto Union was car manufacturer in Germany, which later became known as the Audi brand we know today.

This vehicle was purchased in January, 2019 from South Africa, and shipped to the UK for the modification. It originally had a 900 CC two stroke engine. Their plan was to swap out that engine and convert it to fully electric, then sell the car for a profit.

The donor car for the electric motor and batteries was from a first generation Nissan leaf. The used EV was purchased for a price of 5,000 pounds.

With the Nissan Leaf motor, the ev convert can now get up to about 70 mph without issues. As for the the range, the original Leaf has a range of about 110 miles, but now it should get about 150 to 160 miles range in its new body.

Check out the video for more details about the build. If you want to learn about ev conversion, he goes in great depths about the parts needed for an EV conversion and what each part is used for, such as the power management system he needed to order from the U.S. in order to make the motor and battery work in this car.

YouTube video