Tesla Model 3 OTA 2021.16.2.1 Software Update Starting to Roll Out

We are seeing some activities from the Tesla engineers again today. After releasing the 2020.16.2 software update last week, looks like some Model 3’s are starting to receive a patch update with this latest 2020.16.2.1 version software update.

According to TeslaFi and Teslascope bots, there are Tesla vehicles in Texas and Georgia getting this latest 2020.16.2.1 update.

Don’t know about you, but it sure seems like Georgia is a hotspot for the latest updates to roll out, we have now seen several instances where Tesla vehicles located in Georgia receiving the greatest and latest Tesla software updates.

The official tesla software update version is the 2020.16.2.1 e99c70fff409.

In late April and early May, we saw tesla release several software updates, most notably updates for the Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control and Dashcam Viewer features. Both of which have been well received and useful for tesla users.

As for this latest 2020.16 release, we are seeing mostly smaller feature addons, such as these

  • tesla Toybox
  • Nearby Charging Stations
  • Minor improvements to maps
  • Dashcam Improvements
  • Backgammon Improvements

As of the time of this writing, most of the tesla vehicle are actually still receiving the 2020.12.11.5 and 2020.12.11.1 updates that came out a few weeks ago. So do not get frustrated if you think you are way behind on the software releases. The 2020.16 version is actually installed on very few vehicles so far.

Tesla 2020.16 Release Note

tesla Toybox

The tesla Toybox has been redesigned to make it easier to view and play. Simply scroll through the toys and adjust the associated controls. As before, to access the tesla Toybox, tap the Toybox icon from the Application Launcher.

Nearby Charging Sites

The charging list has been improved to easily filter nearby charging sites based on max power. Simply tap the charging icon on the map and filter by selecting the associated lighting bolt icons.

Dashcam Improvements

Dashcam is now easier to setup or erase. After plugging in a USB drive, tap Controls > Safety & Security > FORMAT USB DEVICE to format and create the associated folders for Dashcam. Note: Formatting the USB drive will also delete any existing clips.

Backgammon Improvements

Playing Backgammon against your tesla has now become more difficult. The most difficult level has now been trained with 20+ million games. Challenge your tesla to a game by tapping the Application Launcher, then tap Entertainment > Arcade > Backgammon. Note: As usual, the tesla Arcade is only available when your car is in PARK.

This release contains minor improvements and bug fixes.