Tesla Bringing Three New Video Games to Its in-Car Video Game Platform

  • A new leak on Reddit has revealed the release notes for an upcoming Tesla update showing the inclusion of three new games.
  • This should come as no surprise given that Tesla is reportedly working with video game developers to bring new games onto the Tesla Arcade platform.
  • This new update is yet to be rolled out to the masses, but the leaked release notes confirm that it’s very much on its way.

As Tesla begins rolling out its holiday season updates, the company has also added three new games to its in-car arcade platform, known simply as Tesla Arcade. The automaker has reportedly been in touch with video game developers to port some of their games onto the platform, and these new additions appear to be the first of many to come.

The revelations of these new games were made by a Reddit post which details the release notes of this new update. Among the driving-related features included here are some new driving visualizations as well as scheduled departure changes, among others.

Tesla Holiday Update
The release notes leaked on Reddit.

The first game on the list is known simply as The Battle of Polytopia which is described as a “turn-based strategy game”. The next is known as Cat Quest which is a multi-award-winning and critically acclaimed action RPG. The last of the games on this update is listed as Kabal, which is Norwegian for Solitaire, a classic game adored by many.

Barring these games and a couple of incremental changes we mentioned above, there are no other features with this update. However, that could change quickly given that a big update with surprise new additions is expected to drop anytime now.

It’s unclear when this update is supposed to reach Tesla owners, but given that it’s leaked already, we assume it’s being tested and should be rolled out to the customers over the coming days.

Tesla is expected to invest heavily in ramping up the gaming credentials of its automobiles, with the company building a user interface and video game design team out of Austin, Texas.

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Source: Reddit (u/Embarrassed-Top-5746)

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