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Zcash moves towards making mobile transactions truly anonymous

ZCash moves towards making mobile transactions truly anonymous

Electric Coin Company on Friday, April 5, announced the release of the Zcash reference wallet. This is an implementation that shows and proves how shielded address work through Zcash mobile wallets.

It is a blueprint that independent developers can use to build mobile wallets that give end users complete anonymity even as they rely on light client servers by third parties to interact with the blockchain.

Part of the announcement reads:
“We call this wallet a “reference” because it is intended for learning and demonstrative purposes. It is a guide for the ecosystem rather than a competitor within it.”

The Zcash reference wallet is an implementation for the Android environment. In the blog post announcing the development, there is no mention of plans to write similar code for other types of mobile phones in the near future.

This new development has been made possible by yet another upgrade that the ZCash dev team activated in October 2018. And that is the move to sapling addresses, which require a smaller amount of data to form.

Zcash was launched as a crypto coin would offer users complete anonymity on the blockchain using zero-knowledge proof technology. However, until now the protocol has not kept this promise on mobile phones, with third-party servers having access to transaction data.

What the reference wallet does is to provide developers with the tools and the framework to build light mobile wallet applications that completely mask user data even from third-party servers that act as the interface to the blockchain for the mobile applications.

Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn, the CEO of Electric Coin Company and the founder of the ZCash project, has however tweeted a disclaimer explaining, among other things, that the code is yet to be audited, it doesn’t have a documentation that has been reviewed and that it has not been thoroughly tested.

Electric Coin Company is the entity that runs the Zcash project. It used to be called Zcash but to differentiate itself from the open source project, it rebranded to Electric Coin Company in February 2019.

Making it possible to securely and privately spend Zcash on mobile will open it up for a wider adoption.

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