XYO network releases Archivist SDK

The team behind crypto-location protocol network, XYO, announced releasing Archivist Node.js software development kit.

According to the XYO developers team, XYO’s Archivist SDK will allow its users to build and run Archivist node, taking Bound Witness data from Bridges, storing it, and feeding it out to Diviners when it’s needed.

In the official announcement published on XYO’ Medium page, the editor of XYO Network, Johnny Kolasinski, stressed that the SDK is still in development phase, but the current version is available on XYO’s Github repository.

The XYO Network makes it possible for smart contracts to access the real world by using the XYO Network’s ecosystem of devices to determine if an object is at a specific XY-coordinate. If it is, one can set up applications which execute transactions in the smart contract.

At the time of writing, the combined market cap of XYO Network  was $12,831,562 USD and token has been trading at $0.002735 USD.