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XRP is now listed as base pair on Australian Crypto Exchange BTCEXA


BTCEXA, an Australia-based crypto exchange is now listing XRP as base pair This was announced via a tweet by the official Twitter account of the company. This adds another triumph to Ripple following the recent announcement that XRP is going to be the base pair of Binance, another crypto exchange, early next year.

The announcement was met with excitement by XRP fans and couldn’t thank Ripple and BTCEXA enough. And this also further strengthens XRP’s hold of the second spot as the largest crypto in the market today. BTCEXA will be offering ADA/XRP and XLM/XRP pairs.

XRP has been in the forefront of the crypto market since last year. Investors and other interested entities have been attracted by XRP and are eyeing the crypto to be used for payments and other functionalities. Ripple, the company who has been pushing XRP has also done it share by creating new products with the aim of attracting more users of XRP.

Are we looking at a major run early next year with XRP in the forefront? Is the crypto ready to dislodge Bitcoin from its seat? It’s too early to tell and yet Ripple has been working extra hard to achieve this.

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Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet