Volkswagen Reveals It Has Built More ID.4 1st Edition Models for the U.S.

  • After selling out of the 1st Edition variant of the ID.4 in just 8 hours, Volkswagen has sent an email to reservation holders informing them of an additional batch of 1st Edition kept in reserve.
  • There’s no word on how many units of this ID.4 variant will be up for grabs, though VW is likely to share more details on that front over the coming days.
  • The ID.4 1st Edition starts at $43,995 in the U.S. while the upcoming ID.4 Pro will start from $39,995.

Volkswagen officially announced the ID.4 electric SUV late last year while also opening up orders for the EV in the U.S. However, the company soon revealed that the 1st Edition variant of the ID.4 sold out in just 8 hours after the reservations went up. This meant that a lot of interested customers couldn’t reserve the 1st Edition variant of the ID.4 during its initial launch.

To rectify this, VW is now sending emails to customers with reservations of the standard ID.4 to inform them that they have produced another batch of 1st Edition models meant specifically for those who couldn’t get it. The company explained it this way in an email to reservation holders which was accessed by Electrek:

When we launched the all-new Volkswagen ID.4 electric SUV, the 1st Edition model sold-out in a staggering 8 hours. That enthusiasm excited us, so we created a few more ID.4 1st edition models available to reserve. And we wanted to tell you first, before we told anyone else.

On January 7th, you can change your reservation to a 1st Edition ID.4 electric SUV while reservations last. Your $100 initial reservation fee will be automatically transferred-simple as that.

ID.4 1st Edition

It’s worth pointing out that Volkswagen has already started deliveries of the ID.4 1st Edition to American customers. The company also has the ID.4 Pro in the pipeline, which is expected to arrive later this year. VW hasn’t provided details on when the reserved batch of the 1st Edition ID.4 will go out to customers, though we expect word on that fairly soon.

While there’s no denying that the ID.4 has managed to surprise a few skeptics in the U.S., Volkswagen hasn’t specified the number of ID.4 models it put up on sale during the initial sale. However, some sources have mentioned that the company may have only produced a few thousand units of the EV for the U.S.

Source: Electrek

Via: Inside EVs