Volkswagen Releases ID. Charger for the ID.3 EV in European Markets

  • Volkswagen has just released its own home charging station known as the ID. Charger in eight European markets.
  • The German automaker has said that it plans to have a comprehensive charging network built around the ID.3 and its successors.
  • The ID. Charger is available in three variants, including a Pro model which comes with an integrated electricity meter for accurate data.

With the release of the Volkswagen ID.3 EV on the cards in several parts of the world, the German carmaker has just announced a new charging solution for prospective owners – a home charger known as the ID. Charger. The company has mentioned that it will offer installations right away while the home charger will be made available in eight European countries with more regions expected to join the list soon.

Volkswagen also mentioned that the company will have a “complete charging network around the ID.3” hinting at newer charging solutions being launched at a future date. This home charger comes with a Type 2 connector which is commonly used around Europe for EV charging.

Volkswagen ID. Charger

The ID. Charger will be available in three variants – a standard version, the ID. Charger Connect, and the ID. Charger Pro with varying features. All options come with a power output of up to 11 kW though they offer a wide range of features with them.

ID. Charger Chart

As for the pricing of these charging stations, the basic ID. Charger will sell for €399 ($450) while the Connect variant will go for €599 ($675), and the ID. Charger Pro will sell for 849 ($950). In terms of features, a chart provided by Volkswagen details the differences between the three variants. Primarily, the Pro model comes with an integrated electricity meter and LTE communications, in addition to Wi-Fi/LAN connectivity while the mid-tier and basic models offer lesser features.

Unfortunately, VW currently doesn’t have plans to offer the ID.3 in the U.S. So these charging stations will be limited to Europe for the foreseeable future, though one can’t write off the possibility of a future expansion Stateside.

Rumors of the VW ID.4 have already begun circulating, with one report suggesting that it may be a crossover EV comparable to the Tesla Model Y.

Via: Electrek