Video Shows Tesla Autopilot Successfully Dodging a Pig on Its Path

  • Following recent criticism of Tesla’s Autopilot feature, a new video on Twitter shows how a Tesla dodged a pig on its path without causing any damage.
  • Elon Musk was tagged in the original tweet that revealed the video, who later replied saying that upcoming software updates will “increasingly show the potential.”
  • Tesla has previously mentioned that it’s safer to drive with Autopilot enabled than without.

tesla has touted its built-in Autopilot feature as one of the best in the business. A new video that surfaced on Twitter shows exactly why. In the video, the Tesla appears to be at a pretty decent speed, but yet successfully dodges a pig on its path. Although the pig appears to have collided with the side of the car, it’s safe to say that a major collision was averted.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded to the video and said that upgrades in the future will show more of Autopilot’s capabilities than we see today.

Musk’s tweet read – “Autopilot prime directive is: Don’t crash. What seems fast to humans is slow to a computer. 360 degree low light vision and sonar, plus forward radar enable to be superhuman. Upcoming software upgrades will increasingly show the potential.

Tesla has gone as far as to claim that it’s safer to drive with Autopilot than without. Given the wide array of technologies listed by Elon Musk in his tweet, it’s clear that the system can detect things that the human eye simply cannot.

But this is not to say that there haven’t been any Autopilot related crashes before. In Taiwan, a Model 3 crashed into an already broken down truck on the highway. A report by the local authorities suggested that Autopilot may have been activated.

However, cases such as this one where Autopilot does actually avert a major accident are not reported as widely as the crashes. As the company will admit, Autopilot is certainly not perfect, but future software updates are expected to change that to a certain degree.

What did you make of this video showing Autopilot in action?

Source: Twitter

Via: Electrek