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TRON’s (TRX) dApp User Base Is the Fastest Growing in the Industry

TRON's (TRX) dApp User Base Is the Fastest Growing in the Industry

As the crypto prices continue to rise and fall, the attention is slowly shifting towards the projects’ underlying technology — the blockchain — and its products. In this area, the most popular projects include the likes of TRON, EOS, and Ethereum. All three of which are known for their dApps, although Ethereum claims to have a larger interest in another blockchain product, smart contracts.

However, while Ethereum was once the leading platform for dApps as well, it recently began to lose its influence in this aspect of the crypto/blockchain industry. In fact, it is being replaced by TRON, which emerged with its own MainNet less than a year ago.

In this short period, TRON managed to become a new leader in the dApp industry and is followed by EOS, both of which are working towards outperforming Ethereum. However, according to recent reports from dApp.com, it appears that TRON is doing better than its peers and that it has the fastest-growing dApp user base in the industry, at least for now, in early 2019.

On the other hand, Ethereum’s user base continues to shrink. The reports claim that the number of Ethereum’s dApp users has gone down by 4% when compared to the situation in 2018. TRON’s number of active dApp users has gone beyond 300,000, while EOS currently has around 260,000. Additionally, the reports add that even the number of TRON wallets has grown by the end of Q1 2019.

The number of individual wallets went well beyond 2.3 million, while around 15.46% of the new wallets were noticed to interact with various dApps.

Why is TRON outperforming Ethereum?

As mentioned, Ethereum was once a leader in the field, but the shift towards other dApp platforms started to happen once these platforms emerged and settled. While Ethereum is the oldest active network dedicated to dApp creation, it is also the most primitive in a lot of aspects.

For example, it is still very slow, and making a move on the dApp requires making transactions. Meanwhile, Ethereum still has problems in terms of scalability, which means slower processing time, as well as high fees.

On the other hand, TRON is a new, very fast, and very cost-effective network, where transaction costs are almost non-existent. Additionally, TRON offers high quantities of gambling dApps, which has become a massive trend in the dApp industry. On the other hand, Ethereum’s top performing dApps are a lot more diverse, where the majority of TRON’s include gambling and ‘high risk’ dApps.

TRON simply provides better conditions, and gambling dApps tend to bring high numbers of transactions, which is what caused developers to leave Ethereum and join TRON. Additionally, gambling dApps became quite a trend, as the app users have greater levels of security and a confirmation that they will receive their winnings, as everything goes via smart contracts.

As a result, TRON is performing a lot better in the dApp field, with more than half of the transaction volume coming from its DEX, and gambling being the close second most popular activity in its ecosystem.

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