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TRON (TRX) Receives a Massive New Use Case

According to the latest announcement by the TRON Foundation, TRX has just been officially added to the travel platform travala.com. TRON (TRX) users can now use the coin for making payments on their hotel reservations.

The report states that over 550,000 hotels in 210 countries will start accepting TRX, and will also provide a 15% discount for the coin’s users. The news was also confirmed by TRON CEO, Justin Sun.

The move will give TRON a massive new use case, which is expected to further increase the coin’s volume, and potentially also price. It also represents a big step in the right direction for the entire crypto industry, as it struggles to achieve acceptance and get more real-world usage.

TRON use cases continue to grow

While TRON’s addition as a valid payment option on travala.com is a big move for the coin and crypto industry alike, TRX is not the only cryptocurrency that the travel platform is using.

Travala, which was founded back in 2017, has already added several other digital currencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and XRP. These are the top three largest cryptocurrencies by market cap, while TRON sits at the 11th spot on this list. However, its addition to the list serves as the confirmation of the project’s quality and usefulness.

Travala itself hopes that the addition of TRX will also help them in attracting additional users. This is likely to happen, as the TRON userbase continues to grow, albeit mostly due to the network’s dApps. Trabala also reminded the community that everyone paying with TRX would receive a 15% discount.

Additionally, Travala has a massive presence around the world. It boasts 567,928 sites in 210 countries and serves more than 82,000 locations, according to the company.

How will the move reflect on TRX?

When it comes to the announcement’s impact on TRX, there were no particular changes in the coin’s price. TRON has had quite an eventful 2019 so far, with multiple surges, but also with many price declines. Its first big move was the launch of the BitTorrent token (BTT) back on January 28th,

After that, the coin’s price was mostly declining, still under the effects of the weakening bear market. While February and March brought a number of smaller bull runs, their impact would always eventually get nullified thanks to the last days of the crypto winter.

The biggest shift for TRX came on April 1st when a massive spike up occurred. This was the surge that had affected the entire crypto market, and it continued until April 8th. By this time, TRX reached a price of $0.030, which was one of the bigger milestones on its road to recovery. Unfortunately, after two days of stability, the market started seeing a new price correction — one that took TRX price back to its support level at $0.026.

At the time of writing, TRON’s price is at $0.026912. While the coin has seen 2.58% gains in the last 24 hours, so is the rest of the market, meaning that this growth is likely not caused by the coin’s new use case. While the news might reflect on the price with a bit of delay, it would not be the first time that TRON has made a move that the price did not provide a reaction to.

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