TradingView platform launches new Crypto Dashboard, adds Bitcoin payments

TradingView, one of the largest trading and investing communities on the web, has launched a new Crypto Dashboard, that gives traders a quick overview of what’s happening in the cryptocurrency markets. In additon to this, the company has added Bitcoin as a payment option for its premium plan.

TradingView, a trading platform with over 3 million monthly active users, is introducing its latest product in a creative campaign named “To the Moon with TradingView“. A newly designed sleek landing page reveals more details how users can purchase memberships using Bitcoin cryptocurrency. According to the information provided on the company’s website, subscription price is locked at 0.09 BTC, with Bitcoin (BTC) rate updated every 10 seconds.

To the Moon with TradingView landing page. February 13, 2020

“We have locked the Premium plan price at BTC 0.09 to express our support of the crypto community. What this means for you is that the lower the BTC price the higher the discount,” the offer reads.

One of the most interesting features that TradingView is offering for the premium plan subscribers is the server-side alerts via text, email or mobile-desktop app push notifications.
Considering the fact that TradingView is the main financial data visualization platform powering the trade view interface of all major cryptocurrency platforms, including Bitfinex, Binance and Bitstamp (just to name a few), this could be a powerful and crutial source of firsthand information for a daily crypto trader. In fact, Tradingview claims that it gathers a real-time data from more than 25 crypto exchanges before it sends you a notification.

Although Bitcoin, as a payment option on TradingView, is something that could have been added a long time ago, it’s better late than never I suppose. However, for what it is worth, when a company the size of TradingView adds Bitcoin as a payment option, it brings us one step closer towards global cryptocurrency adoption.