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Samsung seeks trademark for cryptocurrency wallet in the UK

From the looks of it, Samsung may soon be joining the cryptocurrency industry by way of its own cryptocurrency wallet that may or may not be integrated into future releases of...

Litecoin becomes the official cryptocurrency partner of UFC

Litecoin announced that it will be sponsoring the UFC light heavyweight title fight dubbed, UFC 232: Jones vs. Gustaffson on December 29, 2018. The said title fight is a rematch between...

Review: Lite.im Facebook Messenger Bot for Litecoin

Swiss blockchain startup Zulu Republic is bringing Litecoin payments to Facebook Messenger with the launch of its new chatbot. The new Facebook Messenger service is part of Zulu Republic’s Litecoin platform...

8 Examples of DApps With Major Disruptive Potential

Decentralized applications - DApps - are the key to the future success of most projects in the cryptocurrency space. Since Ethereum launched in 2015, cryptocurrency and blockchain has evolved from being...

Bitcoin Basher Doctor Doom Reignites Social Media Battle Against Bitcoin Supporters

It’s certainly true to state that the media frenzy surrounding cryptocurrencies and in particular, Bitcoin in the last few months has tailed off somewhat. At the turn of the year, you...

Elastos on track for placing its Carrier Service in 1 million homes

Through its partnership with Shanghai Shijiu Corporation, Elastos has reported 230,000 TV boxes have been sold to consumers that are equipped with the Elastos Carrier Service. Elastos is reportedly well on...

Can Ontology Network & Muzika’s New Music Streaming dApp Survive Against Spotify & Soundcloud?

Ontology Network and Muzika announced earlier this week that they were working together to develop a decentralized music streaming platform. A music streaming service delivered via a blockchain-enabled dApp is in...