Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Bitfinex Rubbishes Rumors of Insolvency

Bitfinex, the major cryptocurrency exchange platform based in Hong Kong, has hit back at media claims that it has become insolvent, pointing to its public wallet balances as proof. In a...

Review: Binance – Cryptocurrency Exchange for Android

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Abra introduces world’s first crypto index token BIT 10

Abra, a finacial services and technology company, best known for its mobile Bitcoin walltet, launches the world’s first crypto index token that enables you an access to 10 cryptocurrencies with one...

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EOS: Ethereum Killer or Outright Scam?

EOS is probably the most polarizing project in crypto. Some supporters are convinced it’s an Ethereum killer, while others deride it as an outright scam. So who’s right? Without taking a...

Can Ontology Network & Muzika’s New Music Streaming dApp Survive Against Spotify & Soundcloud?

Ontology Network and Muzika announced earlier this week that they were working together to develop a decentralized music streaming platform. A music streaming service delivered via a blockchain-enabled dApp is in...