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OysterPearl (PRL) Confirm Founder Has Exit-Scammed

Within the space of a few hours, a scandal has emerged surrounding one of the most hyped projects of the last crypto bull run. The team behind blockchain cloud-storage advertising solution...

XYO network releases Archivist SDK

The team behind crypto-location protocol network, XYO, announced releasing Archivist Node.js software development kit. According to the XYO developers team, XYO's Archivist SDK will allow its users to build and run Archivist...

Is it Time to Start Taking TRON Seriously?

When the wild crypto bull run was at its peak, no product seemed to invoke such strong responses as TRON. Its charismatic founder Justin Sun has inspired something akin to a...

Elastos on track for placing its Carrier Service in 1 million homes

Through its partnership with Shanghai Shijiu Corporation, Elastos has reported 230,000 TV boxes have been sold to consumers that are equipped with the Elastos Carrier Service. Elastos is reportedly well on...

Bulls & Bears: Crypto Market Update – Cryptocurrencies Stagnating?

After the end of the morning session in the Asian trading markets, right now, cryptocurrencies are seemingly continuing to stagnate, falling back down below the $220bn capitalisation level for the umpteenth...

Review: IOTA Trinity Wallet for Android

IOTA is one of the most innovative and ingenious projects in crypto, but it also has a reputation for being one of the least user-friendly. One of the biggest issues afflicting...

Abra introduces world’s first crypto index token BIT 10

Abra, a finacial services and technology company, best known for its mobile Bitcoin walltet, launches the world’s first crypto index token that enables you an access to 10 cryptocurrencies with one...

Review: O3 Wallet – NEO, NEP-5 & ONT Wallet for Android

The NEO blockchain platform has one of crypto’s most developed dApp ecosystems, with dozens of projects using having issued NEO’s native NEP-5 tokens. The most hyped of these projects is undoubtedly...

Elastos Launches Testnet for DApp Development

Over the past month, Elastos has launched a testnet for developers and made significant steps toward realizing the project’s vision for creating a decentralized internet. It is now possible for DApps...