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5 Star Reviews ★★★★★


First look: this is the new Bitstamp app coming to your iPhone

As reported earlier, on 11 December 2018, Bitstamp is working on a new mobile crypto app for iOS and Android. All users who have joined the beta testing program, received an...

Review: Binance – Cryptocurrency Exchange for Android

Binance is consistently ranked as the world’s top cryptocurrency exchange, with a daily volume that is typically a third higher than its nearest competitor. Being listed on Binance is often seen...

Review: Coinomi multi-crypto mobile wallet for Android

Every time an exchange is hacked or exit scams, the same mantra is trotted out in response: “not your keys, not your coins.” While holding cryptocurrency in a private wallet eliminates...

Review: Blockfolio cryptocurrency portfolio tracker for Android

There are currently more than 2000 cryptocurrencies listed on CoinMarketCap.com, spread across hundreds of exchanges. With so many cryptos on so many exchanges, all fluctuating constantly in price, portfolio trackers are...

Review: O3 Wallet – NEO, NEP-5 & ONT Wallet for Android

The NEO blockchain platform has one of crypto’s most developed dApp ecosystems, with dozens of projects using having issued NEO’s native NEP-5 tokens. The most hyped of these projects is undoubtedly...