Tesla’s Battery Day Sign-Up Page Hints at Silicon Nanowire Battery

  • Tesla’s new sign up page for Battery Day events has revealed that the company may be considering unveiling silicon nanowire batteries for its vehicles.
  • Silicon nanowire batteries are known for lesser weight and volume while providing significantly more energy when compared to conventional batteries.
  • Although Tesla hasn’t confirmed this at the moment, it is likely that the company will partner with battery maker Amprius.

Tesla has previously teased some exciting announcements for the September 22 Battery Day event. However, we haven’t received much in the form of confirmation. Thankfully, Tesla is more than eager to drop periodical hints from time to time, and a new one has popped by today which gives us some idea about what the company may be planning.

The revelation comes from Tesla’s new sign-up page which gives fans a limited chance to be present in person at the Battery Day announcement. The background image of this page has let it slip that the Battery Day announcement could have something to do with silicon nanowires, a technology known to improve battery efficiency with lesser weight and more volume. This technology is expected to be used extensively in the future.

As of now, one of the most reputable names in terms of silicon nanowire battery tech is Amprius which is incidentally located right next to Tesla’s Fremont facility in California. What’s even more interesting is that Tesla is holding the limited-capacity Battery Day event at its Fremont unit.

Tesla Battery Day
Tesla’s Battery Day signup page.

Unfortunately, there’s no confirmation of this yet, although Tesla is pretty well-known for giving people a very good idea with teasers and hints such as this one. Whatever the case, September 22 is less than a month away, and we hope to learn more about the company’s announcement as the weeks progress.

Tesla’s event on Sep 22 is expected to have mostly online attendance. However, the company has mentioned that it will randomly select a few fans to visit the event in person via the aforementioned sign-up page.

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Via: Electrek