Tesla Upgrades 2021 Model 3 With Heated Steering Wheel and Interior Wood Panels

  • Tesla China has updated the 2021 Model 3 with a new heated steering wheel and interior wood panels.
  • This comes a few days after the Chinese version of the Model Y SUV was upgraded with some interior changes, including the wood panels on the doors.
  • Though these changes are currently limited to China, North American variants of the Model 3 should see these additions over the coming weeks.

As part of an ongoing refresh of the Tesla Model 3, the company has just added a couple of new features to the EV. The Model 3 was updated in October 2020, so the inclusion of these changes is somewhat surprising, though not unexpected.

As for the changes, the 2021 Model 3 will now have a heated steering wheel, a feature that users have been seeking for a while now. Another major change with the new Model 3 is the inclusion of wooden panels on the doors, expanding all the way to the dashboard. Though this is an acquired taste, customers will welcome the inclusion of this optional design element. Interestingly, the wood panels were first spotted on the Chinese version of the Model Y SUV late last week.

Model 3 Wood Panel

Much like the previous changes brought forth by Tesla, these new changes are currently limited to the China-made Model 3 units. However, these changes will inevitably make their way to American variants of the Model 3 as well. The new inclusions can be spotted when choosing the premium interior option on Tesla China’s website.

As with the Model Y upgrade from last week, there’s currently no timeline from the manufacturer for the American release of this new Model 3. But if history is any indicator, Model 3 units produced in Fremont, California should see the new inclusions relatively soon.

For those that have recently bought a Model 3 and have missed out on the heated steering wheel, Tesla is expected to send a software update enabling the feature. A recent leak from Switzerland suggested that Tesla was already including the hardware needed for a heated steering wheel with the current Model 3 units, allowing the company to enable it through a software update in the future.

What do you think about the new inclusions on the 2021 Model 3?

Via: Electrek