Tesla Switzerland Apparently Confirms Heated Steering Wheel for Current Model 3

  • The Swiss branch of automaker Tesla has reportedly confirmed the arrival of a new heated steering wheel feature on the Model 3.
  • Much like other updates issued by Tesla, the update will reportedly be sent to existing variants of the Model 3.
  • It’s currently unclear as to which versions of the Model 3 will get this heavily requested feature.

The internet has turned up multiple reports in the past about the Model 3 getting a heated steering wheel. This is primarily because long-time customers of Tesla have always asked for this feature. While Tesla has been relatively quiet up until now, a user claims that Tesla Switzerland has confirmed the feature’s arrival. What’s even better is the fact that the feature may be coming to existing Model 3 EVs in the form of an update during the holidays.

Tesla Model 3

This makes a great deal of sense given that Tesla recently teased the arrival of the holiday season V11 update with new features onboard. It’s unclear right now as to how the update will be managed. Some new Model 3 owners have previously said that the steering wheel feels somewhat thicker, which could likely be due to the fresh hardware to enable heating on the steering wheel.

Tesla previously enabled heated rear seats on the Model 3 Standard Range Plus with an OTA update, so this won’t particularly be a new feature for the manufacturer’s vehicles. However, the steering wheel heating feature may prove to be slightly trickier than heated rear seats for the reasons we’ve talked about above.

Though this confirmation apparently comes from Tesla’s Swiss wing, Elon Musk is yet to confirm the arrival of this feature in the V11 update. Tesla is also expected to unveil some surprise features in the upcoming OTA update, and we expect to learn more about them as we inch closer to the update’s release.

What do you make of a heated steering wheel?

Source: @MXSwitzerland

Via: Teslarati