Tesla Rolls Out Model 3 OTA 2021.4.12.6 Software Update

  • Tesla Model 3 owners are now seeing an OTA update with version number 2021.4.12.6, though it only brings minor improvements and bug fixes.
  • Meanwhile, some owners of Model 3 and Model Y are getting the 2021.4.12.1 OTA update with similar changes on board.
  • These updates have so far been reported from the U.S., Canada, UK, and Australia.

Tesla Model 3 owners in the United States will start seeing the OTA software version 2021.4.12.6, with some users already receiving the update on Thursday. This comes after Tesla issued an update for the Model 3 (2021.8.3) just a few weeks ago

However, this new update doesn’t appear to bring any major changes to the table, with some users claiming it’s only a bug-fixing update. There are no release notes available either, which isn’t really a surprise for a small update.

Images posted by a Twitter user show that it brings “Minor Cold Weather Improvements and Bug Fixes.” The update has hit the Model 3 AWD LR (Australia), RWD LR, Performance (United Kingdom), Mid-Range, and the Model 3 SR+ in Canada.

Model Y and Model S Also Witnessing Updates

Some Tesla Model 3 and Model Y variants are seeing the 2021.4.12.1 OTA update. The update history posted by Teslascope shows that the Model Y Performance and AWD LR variants in the U.S. are receiving the 2021.4.12.1 update.

Moreover, some U.S. models of the Model 3 Performance and Model 3 AWD LR in the U.S. are also seeing this particular bug fixing update. Additionally, some U.S. owners of the Model S Performance are likely to see an OTA update to version 2021.4.12 over the coming days. 

If you’re seeing the update on your Model 3, Model S, or Model Y, feel free to let us know. 

Via: Teslascope