Tesla Roadster Could Be Pushed to 2022

  • Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said that the Tesla Roadster will probably be delayed.
  • Speaking on a podcast, Musk said that the Tesla Cybertruck will arrive much before the Roadster.
  • The Roadster was unveiled in 2017 and comes with high-end specs including 620 miles of electric range and the ability to accelerate 0-60 mph in 1.9 seconds.

The ambitious tesla Roadster may be delayed by a few years as per Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Speaking on the Joe Rogan Experience, Musk explained the company’s immediate plans include ramping up model y production and also getting the Berlin Gigafactory operational while expanding the Shanghai Gigafactory. Naturally, he also spoke about the cybertruck, which he said will go into production before the Roadster.

As per recent estimates, the Cybertruck will go into production by late 2021 as tesla still needs to set up a dedicated production facility for its assembly. Several U.S. states are said to be in contention for the new unit, with Texas reportedly in the shortlist.

Tesla Roadster

Musk managed to keep the excitement for the Roadster saying “everyone who has been waiting, they won’t be sorry.” The tesla CEO reiterated that the Roadster will come equipped with cold air thrusters around the vehicle known as “SpaceX package””. This is designed to make the vehicle perform better, it is said.

Given that tesla’s schedule looks pretty packed until 2021, we may not see the Roadster hitting the streets until 2022 or even later. When introducing the tesla Roadster in 2017, Musk said that the car has an electric range of 620-miles along with the ability to touch 0-60 mph in just 1.9 seconds.

Understandably, these specs made it a dream car for many, although it’s unfortunate that the wait for this supercar just got longer. At the time, the CEO had also mentioned that the Roadster will be ready to hit the streets by 2020.

As for the immediate future, the company appears to be firmly focussed on the Cybertruck, which boasts of insane specs including the ability to “float for a while” as per Elon Musk. Additionally, an upgrade to the design has reportedly made the Cybertruck smaller by 3% while also offering increased dynamic air suspension for off-roading.

You can catch the whole interaction below.

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