Tesla Model 3 OTA 2021.8.3 Software Update Now Rolling Out

Tesla’s latest 2020.8.3 software update began rolling out only a few days after the 2020.8.2 update came out. Some Model 3 owners have seen the update rolling out as soon as March 31, 2020.

This version appears to be mostly the same as the 2020.8.2 update except for some “minor updates and bug fixes.”

The full version for this software update is v10.2 (2020.8.3 7cbc6c4cd1c8).

I received a message on my tesla app with a message showing there’s a software update available. Once I saw the message in the car dashboard, it prompted me to connect to wifi in order to download the update. Luckily my iPhone supports personal hotspot so I was able to connect to wifi via my phone and off we go.

The actual download took about half an hour. I was driving in some spotty reception areas so the connection was a bit on and off. The download time may be different for others.

Once the download was complete, the dashbaord prompted me to park the car and allow the software to update for about half an hour. So be sure to update the new software when you do not need to use the car for about an hour (download time plus installation time). You will not be able to drive the car while installation is in progress.

What’s new in Telsa 2020.8.3 software update

Here’s a great video explaining some of these new features.

YouTube video

Some of the updates include

  • improvements to Track mode
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • voice commands