Tesla Model 3 OTA 2021.20 Software Update Starting to Roll Out

Just a little over two weeks since Tesla rolled out software update 2020.16, it appears now we are now onto the latest and greatest version 2020.20.

According to Teslascope, they have seen three Model 3 vehicles that received version 2020.20 today, which at least one of them located in California.

The release notes for the 2020.20 software update was posted in a reddit post, which shows the following features:

  • Bethesda’s Fallout Shelter
  • Theater Improvements
  • TRAX Improvements

Here’s some preview of what the game would look like for you to enjoy in your tesla.

YouTube video

The official tesla software update version is the 2020.20 1c89cdae7378.

Tesla 2020.20 Release Note

will post here once it’s available…