Tesla Model 3 OTA 2021.16 Software Update Starting to Roll Out

Update: here are the new features for Tesla software update 2020.16

According to a couple Tesla software update bots, a couple Tesla Model 3 vehicle have received an 2020.16 update. This one might actually have new features that we have not seen yet. We will have to wait to see more details on this release.

So far two Model 3’s have received this software update, both located in the United States.

Tesla had been busy releasing bugfix updates to the 2020.12.6 and 2020.12.11 updates, which added popular features such as Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control and Dashcam Viewer.

Could the 2020.16 just be a continuation of the bugfixes? Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control was in beta in these previous updates, so it could be that tesla is rolling out additional feature to the Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control.

Currently for the Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control feature to work, the driver would have to step on the gas pedal and accelerate to continue from the stop sign or red light. For FSD to work, the next step would be to recognize green light and make sure there is no cross traffic vehicle at a stop sign for the vehicle to proceed.

Or is there some other additional new features coming for 2020.16? We will post as soon as we find out.

The official tesla software update version is the 2020.16 5a4c62a0abd1.

Tesla 2020.16 Release Note

will post here once it’s available…