Tesla Purchases $5 Million Worth of Land Near Austin, Texas for New Gigafactory

  • Tesla is said to have finalized the purchase of a 2,100-acre land near Austin, Texas for an estimated cost of $5 million.
  • Though this location made the news for being a Cybertruck production facility, Tesla will reportedly produce Model Y units in the location first, followed by the Cybertruck in 2023.
  • Construction at the facility will reportedly begin by Q3 of 2020 with an ambitious goal of having vehicles rolling out of the assembly line by the end of the year.

While there’s been unofficial word coming from sources about tesla finalizing Austin, Texas as the location for its newest Gigafactory, we hadn’t received any concrete information. That changes now with Electrek reporting that the deal is pretty much done with Tesla apparently finalizing a land deal worth $5 million just outside Austin.

Additionally, Tesla has reportedly managed to negotiate with the authorities to have up to $68 million in property tax forgiven as part of the company’s plan to provide a wide range of incentives to Travis County as well as the state of Texas.

It is said that despite this factory being pitched as a Cybertruck Gigafactory previously, this unit will first produce Model Y units. Tesla currently has an ambitious goal of having the assembly line ready with the Model Y mid-size SUV by the end of 2020. It’s too early to tell if the company will manage to reach this deadline, though it seems unlikely given that land acquisition has only taken place now.

The land chosen by Tesla is reportedly set across 2,100-acres which should be ample for the new Gigafactory. Map data reveals that the land is currently used as a sand and gravel mining site, though Tesla is reportedly eager to begin construction at the site soon.

Tesla Fremont
Tesla’s factory at Fremont

Recent estimates mentioned that the company will begin construction at the site by Q3 2020. The source further reports that the location happens to be close to Austin Airport, making transportation fairly convenient.

The coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent shutdowns have held back Tesla’s plans somewhat, particularly with regard to the Model Y. Though Tesla made the crossover EV available shortly after, some customers have complained about quality issues with the vehicle. Tesla is yet to address these concerns, though the reduction in quality is said to be a consequence of the overworked staff at its Fremont facility.

Via: Electrek