Tesla 2021.24.5 Software Update Rolling Out Now With Side Camera View While Signaling

Tesla has just started to roll out version 2020.24.5 software update. The main feature for this update allows user to turn on side camera views on the main dashboard when turn signal is on.

The update has starting rolling out in Michigan on a Model 3, per Teslascope bot data.

Image below shows how it would look on your dashboard, which you can see three camera views when turn signal is on, the rear camera and the two side camera will all be visible on the dashboard.

Should also note that the bottom center block is actually empty. The image shown below shows a reflection that may be confusing.

Here is a couple videos of the rear and side cameras in action. In theory, this might be a cool feature to have, especially for the passengers to help navigate the roads.

But in practice, is it really useful for the driver to look at the monitor while driving? Most drivers are trained to turn their head and watch out for the blind spots while changing lanes.

To change a driver’s behavior and look at the screen while driving may not be practical, and borderline dangerous.

The official tesla software update version is the 2020.24.5 5d7c9d2ab706.

Tesla 2020.24.5 Release Note

Release note from twitter. tesla is also releasing an option for users to enable in-cabin camera that would allow data to be sent to Tesla for