Musk Says Tesla Robotaxi “Looking Good” for 2021

  • Tesla’s proposed Robotaxi is still on for this year as per company CEO Elon Musk.
  • Robotaxis are self-driven automobiles, and the company plans to include more vehicles by sending an OTA update to older Tesla vehicles.
  • However, Musk mentioned that regulatory approval is the only uncertainty at this point.

tesla CEO Elon Musk mentioned last year that the company will be ready with up to a million “Robotaxis” along with a ride-sharing app. Musk has now shared some news on this front via Twitter while responding to a user question, saying that while the company is still on course to introducing a million dedicated Robotaxis, it’s still awaiting regulatory approval, suggesting that its launch timeline may be out of the company’s hands.

Tesla Robotaxi Concept

Tesla’s proposed ride-sharing system was shown off in detail along with a concept image at a dedicated event by Elon Musk while also discussing how profits can be scaled up using this service. However, this would first require tesla to enable self-driving on some of its older vehicles.

Since 2016, tesla has included Autopilot on every car with the aim of turning toward a driverless future. However, since there are quite a few Teslas in the market that don’t have this feature, the company will send an over-the-air update with Autopilot to compatible cars.

This will then make them capable of running as Robotaxis, although self-driven cars are only now beginning to pick up. However, the concept has been around for quite some time with several tech companies including Google, Uber, and even Apple said to be involved with self-driving automobiles.

Musk once referred to “Full Self-Driving feature-complete” which basically means the automobile has all the necessary tools for self-driving. For example, this system will not function if the user’s attention is diverted or if they’re not ready to take control. fans will hope that this feature will make its way to tesla automobiles by the end of the year. However, it will be interesting to see if the world is ready for a concept like Robotaxi.

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Source: @elonmusk

Via: Electrek