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Ripple bets on gaming: Xpring and Forte announce $100m fund to support game developers

Ripple bets on gaming Xpring and Forte announce $100m fund to support game developers

Ripple’s developer ecosystem initiative, Xpring, and Forte, the company that aims to accelerate the game industry’s adoption of blockchain technology, have announced today a $100 million fund to support game developers.

The fund will operate alongside Forte’s platform technologies and include open-source solutions designed in collaboration with Ripple to accelerate the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology in gaming.

“Forte’s platform design aligns well with where crypto is headed, with a sharded, application-specific architecture and coherent protocol-based abstractions for cross-chain interactions. Towards this, we’ve worked with the Forte team from early on to deeply embed Interledger, Codius and XRP in the platform architecture to maximize cross-chain interoperability, security and liquidity. With this technical foundation bundled other core technologies, tools, and easy-to-use services, Forte is building one of the most exciting platforms that will enable developers to reach mass consumer audiences,” Ripple’s Xpring said in the official announcement.

“We have continually been impressed by the Forte team. With backgrounds from Kabam, GarageGames, Unity and others important companies, they have been leaders in transforming the gaming industry. They have a deep understanding of the economic and technical potential of crypto and ask the important questions around how concepts such as scarcity and liquidity can apply to game developers’ needs. They are intensely focused on great gameplay, new user behavioral models and delivering the best experience for developers and players. We believe Forte is the right team to tackle these problems and ultimately deliver mainstream adoption for crypto-based games — you can learn more about their approach here,” Xpring, Ripple’s developer ecosystem initiative, continued in a statement.

According to the press release, Forte’s technology stack includes components designed in close collaboration with Ripple, namely leveraging the open-source Interledger Protocol with XRP serving as a base pair settlement and the container-based hosting solution Codius supporting seamless transactions across blockchains. By focusing on cross-chain interoperability out of the gate, Forte is setting the foundation for long-term, sustained consumer adoption of blockchain technology. Forte’s platform components blend this supporting technology behind easy to integrate components for game developers.

“Today, we’re following up with multiple new announcements. For the better part of a year, we’ve collaborated closely with Ripple’s Xpring team on architectural designs for trustlessly hosting software services in a decentralized ecosystem using Codius and facilitating cross-chain transactions using Interledger Protocol (ILP) for interoperability and XRP for inter-asset liquidity, all open source projects,” said Brett Seyler of Forte.

“We believe these projects offer a strong foundation for a future we’re excited to help game developers build: where game economies offer multi-directional transactions between parties, greater player agency, minimized counterparty risk, multi-network contract interoperability, and trust-minimized computation. We’ve also put together a $100M inaugural fund for game developers with Xpring aimed at bringing these and other core technologies of our blockchain platform to market,” confirmed game industry technologist and investor, Brett Seyler, in a post published by Forte.

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet