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Opera for Android is now the world’s first mobile browser with built-in crypto wallet


Opera recently updated its Android browser making it the first web-3 ready mobile browser with built-in Ethereum wallet. The updated Opera browser for Android is available now for download from the Google Play Store .

Opera says that with the blockchain-ready version of their browser, users will now be able to gain access to Web 3 easily. The company also aims to help in accelerating the transition of cryptocurrencies from speculation and investment into a much wider use in daily payments.

Before releasing the crypto wallet-ready Android browser, it was very difficult for people to use cryptocurrencies online. Web 3 requires special apps or extensions that are otherwise cumbersome to install and use. That’s where Opera browser for Android comes in. For starters, it now supports Ethereum.

According to Opera, they adopted Ethereum since it’s a popular and quickly growing protocol that lets people make transactions and developers to create decentralised apps (Dapps). Opera supports the Ethereum Web 3 API, making the interactions with Dapps seamless. It will access the Ethereum blockchain through Infura which is Ethereum’s secure, reliable, and scalable platform.

Joseph Lubin, Ethereum co-founder and founder of ConsenSys has this to say about the launch of the crypto-ready Opera browser for Android:

“It’s a significant step for one of the world’s leading browsers to add an Ethereum-based crypto wallet and Dapp explorer, and speaks to Opera’s innovative roots and commitment to embracing next generation technology. We see this as an important moment in improving Dapp accessibility, opening Web3 to mainstream audiences, and encouraging developers to build on Ethereum.”

To start using Ethereum cryptocurrencies, download the latest version of Opera browser from the Google Play Store. Once installed on your Android devices, fire up Opera browser and go to settings to open the crypto wallet. To start making actual Web 3 transactions, purchase some Ethereum cryptocurrencies and store it in your Opera Crypto Wallet. Once your cryptocurrency is stored in the wallet you can start accessing Web 3 apps in the Dapp store.

About Arnold Zafra

Arnold Zafra is a freelance tech blogger from the Philippines who is enthusiastic about cryptocurrency, decentralised apps and other emerging developments in the tech industry.

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