Norway electric car market share 49.4% of overall sales in April 2021

About half of all car sales in Norway are pure electric vehicles, and almost three out of four newly registered cars are some sort of plug-in electric cars if hybrids are included. Despite the pandemic and slowing car sales, Norway continues make progress toward ending fossil-fueled car sales by 2025.

The market share of pure electric cars in Norway’s new car registrations was 49.4 percent of the 7,425 total car sales in April 2020. That is a total of 3,670 electric cars newly registered in Norway in April 2020. 

The electric Audi e-tron was the best selling model across all drive types with 11.2% (832 units) of all new car sales, followed by the Volkswagen Golf and Nissan Leaf to round up the top three. tesla Model 3 was ranked a distance 19th of all new car models, selling just 44 new vehicles in April 2020.

70% of new car sales in Norway are plug-ins

If you combine the pure electric vehicles and the plug-in hybrids, Norway has an astounding 70% of new vehicles that are running off electric motors.

1,497 plug-in hybrids were sold in the period.  Compared to the same month in the previous year, this segment had a increase of 31.2 percent.

If you add the 3,670 full electric cars and the 1,497 plug-in hybrids, that would make 70% of all new car sales in Norway some sort of plug-in vehicles.

Why are Electric Cars so Popular in Norway?

Well, the bottom line is the Norwegian government is using profits from their massive $1 trillion sovereign trust fund to pay for the subsidies for new electric car owners. Norway is enticing buyers to go with an electric car with incentives like free municipal parking, free charging in those municipal parking spots, and no charges no roll roads.

This video explains more in detail, check it out.

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