Musk Hints at Surprises With the Upcoming Tesla V11 Update

  • Tesla CEO Elon Musk has started teasing the holiday season software update for Tesla cars, known as v11.
  • Though there are no precise details on what the update will bring, rumors have talked about a new bird’s eye view mode with the Autopilot camera among other additions.
  • Tesla issued the previous major update, known as v10, back in September 2019 with features like Tesla Theater, Caraoke, and other minor changes.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has teased the arrival of a new update for Tesla automobiles, known simply as the ‘v11’ update for now. Musk said that in addition to including features that have been requested by its customers, the company will also include some surprise features with the v11 update.

“So many things you want and some you didn’t know you wanted,” Musk said. The CEO also posted a tweet hyping up the “holiday software release”.

The update is expected to hit during the holidays, so there’s a little over a month left for its arrival as of now. The v10 update hit Teslas in September last year with the introduction of features like Tesla Theater, Caraoke, as well as UI changes.

While there’s currently no concrete information on what could be bundled with the upcoming v11 update, a few hints dropped by Musk over the past few months have given us a good idea about the direction that the company is heading in. One of the rumored upcoming features is the ability to offer a bird’s eye view using the Autopilot camera with the FSD package.

Given the need for video conferencing apps during the pandemic, Musk has also discussed the possibility of bringing a native video conferencing feature or app to Tesla automobiles. Furthermore, the company is also building a video game and UI team, which makes it likely that Tesla owners will find some new video games with the v11 update.

The rumored feature that we’re most excited about is allowing your Tesla to “talk” to people near it using the exterior speaker. All of these features would be game-changing to say the least, especially when most manufacturers are only catching up to the idea of sending updates to their EVs.

Source: Twitter

Via: Electrek