Multiple Tesla Cybertruck replicas spotted recently in China, Russia and Canada

Tesla made a huge splash with its recent unveil of its Cybertruck. It is estimated that over half a million pre-orders of the Tesla Cybertruck has been placed, raising over $50M in deposits alone.

With all this pent up demand, instead of waiting for Tesla’s release date next year, some talented fabricators took matters into their own hands and hand built their own version of the Cybertruck.

One such Cybertruck replica was seen on the streets of Shanghai, China on April 15th.

These are the most recent shots of the fake cybertruck taken. In the photos, the tesla pickup is shown being hauled by a tow truck.

This Chinese made tesla Cybertruck replica was created by a recent college graduate from Coventry University in the U.K. The entire build was completed in just 10 days. For obvious reasons, this mock up does not run on batteries. The base of the car is a gasoline vehicle, therefore, this version of the Cybertruck runs on bloody fossil fuel.

Here’s more details about the build. The creator promised more details to come.

More Tesla Cybertruck Replicas

Below are a few more tesla Cybertruck replicas we have seen around the world from the past few months.

Half scale Tesla Cybertruck by the Hacksmith

This is by far the most impressive built of all the replicas we have seen so far. The Canadian team at the Hacksmith, run by James Hobson, created a miniature half scale tesla Cybertruck. All the parts for this build were carefully sourced to make a model that is as close to the real thing as possible.

Just how impressive is this Cybertruck? This model is powered by 8 LiPo battery pack that is chargeable at charging stations. The most mind-blowing thing is the powerful tri-motor configuration used in this model actually successfully won a “tug of war” against a Ford F-150.

Let’s see this 1:2 scaled tesla Cybertruck put to the test.

Here’s the four part series of the build process.

Tesla Cybertruck transformed from UAZ by Russian Garage 54

The Russian team as Garage 54 started with a concreted filled UAZ off road vehicle as the base of the build.

Here’s the team showing off the car in the city, getting lots of attention from people roaming the streets.

Details of the build below.

Here’s the finished build and tested up against a Porsche Cayenne

Chinese Hand Made Tesla Cybertruck replica by MakerBeta

We would give this build by MakerBeta an “A for effort”. The overall design does mimic the body of a Cybertruck, but all the parts are just a bit off, such as the thin rubber tires and clunky door that does not quite close with a seal.

They started with an old beat up Jinbei Van, and overall it took 29 days for this build.

see more details of the build in the video below.

Russian Tesla Cybertruck made from LADA

Here is a honorable mention from Russia. The team called Pushka Garazh built the truck from a Russian LADA hatchback, and are trying to sell the truck for ,000.

The design just does not quite hit the marks of the actual Cybertruck, but we admire the effort.

More details here…