Multiple $150,000 BMW i8 electric cars found abandoned at salvage yards

The BMW i8 is a spectacular electric plug-in hybrid car in the style of a super sports car. The combination of a three-cylinder mid-engine and an electric motor on the front axle with a total of 374 hp system performance enables very good performance. The price tag on this puppy is about $150,000 brand new.

Youtuber NickZtech Found totaled i8 at IAA

The rear of the BMW i8 appears to have been hit in the rear on the driver side. But other than that, this Nick thinks the car is in faily nice condition.

The outside of the vehicle has been wraps to protect the original blue paint. The interior looks pristine and clean. No signs of flood damage.

Nick thinks this car should sell for $30,000 to $40,000. The repair involves some suspension work and control arm replacement.

Check out the video below.

YouTube video

Youtubers Samcrac and RichRebuilds Found another salvaged BMW i8

Youtubers Samcrac and Rich Rebuilds also found a BMW i8 supercar that has been sitting in this same salvage lot for over two years. Check it out.

The car was damaged and might have a title issue. The original owner did not like the repair done to the car, so it was labeled an “rejected repair”. Then it has been sitting on this lot collecting dust for two years.

Since the car has been sitting around for so long, Rich thinks the battery might be shot and the entire battery might have to be replaced. That’s not cheap folks! Sam thinks the battery parts alone will cost about $15,000.

YouTube video
YouTube video